Why we choose Aloevera with Ghee ?

Aloevera in itself is a wonderful medicine which helps in many issues & we all are well known to it. But why we infuse it with Ghee? As per Ayurveda when ghee is used as a carrier, it enhances the nutritive effect of herbs and it directly affects the tissue of the body due to an increase in bioavailability of herbs. Which means several biologically active constituents remain as it is and helps us in many ways.
Presence of Beta-Carotene & Vitamin A
It is for healthy skin ,mucus membranes, immune system and good eye health and vision.
Presense of Aloevera's active ingredients
It has anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial properties it has anti ageing effects and good for skin.
Presence of all 16 Amino Acids
Essential amino and acids are present which helps in building muscles development and strength.
Presence of Fatty Acids
Presence of Omega 3, 6 & 9. It enhance balance of fatty acids which improve heart health, reduce inflammation, brain health also infant brain development
No Side Effects
No Starch, Urea, Formalin etc detected. No color and flavour are added. Sugar and Trans fat is zero.

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