Best Ghee in Bangalore: 10 Best A2 Ghee Brands in Bangalore in 2022

These days, organic A2 cow ghee is in high demand throughout India, not just in Bangalore. Everyone can be in awe at how pure the Ghee is. However, it is crucial to understand what A2 Organic Cow Ghee is. Does it worth purchase?

What Is A2 Cow Ghee Organic?

Both A1 and A2 beta-casein proteins can be found in cow milk. However, A2 protein is better for you than A1 protein. According to popular belief, milk from Desi cows contains more A2 protein and is healthier overall.

Ghee made from A2 milk has a better flavour and a thicker consistency. Butter is heated on a low flame for an extended period to create A2 cow ghee, which has a grainy texture.

Which breed of Desi cow is favoured by Bangalore residents?

Because of the A2 protein present in the milk of native Indian breed cows like Gir, Rathi and Sahiwal, Bangalore residents preferred desi cows. Numerous health advantages of A2 protein include improved skin, bone, and immune health.

Why Do People In Bangalore Prefer Organic A2 Ghee?

Bangalore residents favour A2 Ghee because it is of the highest quality and offers numerous health advantages, including;

  • It is very nutritious and abundant in pure antioxidants.
  • High in digestive-helping amino acids.
  • Excellent source of minerals like potassium, calcium, and phosphorus that build strong bones and teeth and control blood pressure.
  • Contains micronutrients that strengthen the immune system, as well as vitamins A and E.
  • Omega-3 fatty acid-rich, which promotes mental development and cardiovascular health.
  • Has proline, which strengthens heart muscles.
  • In order to lower cholesterol levels, HDLs, which remove cholesterol from the bloodstream, are formed with the help of the A2 Protein.
  • Treats gastrointestinal issues and shields against headaches and asthma.
  • Quicker wound healing and better sleep assistance.
  • Excellent for treating joint pain and preserving general body hydration.
  • Increases metabolism in addition.

Bangalore’s Top 10 Pure & Organic A2 Ghee Brands for 2022

However, before learning more about Bangalore’s top Ghee, you might have some questions in mind.

  • How do I recognise fake Ghee?
  • Is there a difference between desi and organic Ghee?
  • Which brand of Ghee in India, out of the many available, is the best?

Well, don’t worry! We’ve done thorough research to compile a list of the top ten ghees in India to save you the trouble.

Earthomaya A2 Desi Cow Ghee

a2 desi cow ghee

This pack by Earthomaya A2 Desi cow ghee is among the most well-liked choices of people in bangalore for A2 ghee that can be found online. This ghee is made from A2 milk from native Indian cows that are fed only grass, ensuring the milk’s natural goodness. Curd is made from milk that is obtained from Rathi cows. The butter is extracted from this curd by churning, and the remaining curd is then boiled to produce ghee using the bilona method.

Earthomaya A2 Desi Ghee, which tastes similar to maa ke haath ka khana, is primarily used in cooking as a flavorful and nutritious ingredient. Your everyday cooking will gain a delightful sweetness from it, elevating it to something special.

  • The Ghee’s grainy texture indicates that low heat was used during production to preserve its texture and nutrients.
  • Because it contains amino acids, it is simpler to digest.
  • Rich source of vitamin A, pure antioxidants, free of preservatives, and helps to strengthen immunity.

A2 Pure & Organic Shahji Ghee

Shahji Ghee

Every Indian family has had access to pure, organic A2 desi ghee since 1957, thanks to Shahji Ghee. Late Shri Arjun Das Ahuja founded the company, which was known for its dairy products’ purity and freshness as well as its commitment to treating customers fairly.

Shahji ghee is produced using the traditional bilona method from the milk of gir and Sahiwal cows. These desi cows are naturally grass-fed, produce milk with high nutritional value, and are used to make pure organic Ghee. As a result, shahi ghee is arguably the best Ghee in Bangalore.

Gir Organic – A2 Cow Ghee

Since it first began operating in 1990, Gir Organic has been supplying Indian families with high-quality Ghee. High nutritional value and a healthy fat content are two characteristics of Gir Organic Ghee. The Gir Organic Ghee is produced using Desi Indian cows fed only grass.

  • To obtain milk from cows, modern technology is used.
  • No involvement of people.
  • It contains beneficial fatty acids that are abundant in Omega 3.

This Ghee promotes strong bones and ligaments, enhances the performance of other crucial organs like the heart and brain, and soothes joint pain.

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Anveshan – A2 Desi Ghee

Anveshan A2 Cow Ghee

To offer hybrid A2 Ghee to Indians, a group of IITians founded Anveshan in 2019. Indians will have jobs thanks to the Indian brand and the Indian location of the production facility. The best Ghee in Bangalore can therefore be found at Anveshan.

  • Known for its antioxidant properties, pure A2 milk.
  • It supports strong and healthy muscle strength and is high in vitamins.
  • As opaque as mother’s milk, it.

Kapiva A2 Organic Ghee

Kapiva A2 Desi Ghee.

This Kapiva ghee is of the highest possible calibre.

  • It is 99% free of trans fat.
  • The flavorful Ghee is created using pure and recent cow milk.
  • Offer a2 Ghee of the highest quality.

This Ghee is the another best in Bangalore because it is produced using the bilona method, guaranteeing the product’s quality.

Two Brothers Organic Farms A2 Cultured Ghee

Two Brothers Orgenic Ghee

This organic Ghee is produced using the traditional bilona method from milk obtained from purebred Gir cows.

  • It brings down cholesterol.
  • Both preservatives and additives are absent from it.
  • Using the bilona process, Ghee is produced from Indian breeds of grass-fed cows. The organic a2 Ghee they produce is made on their own farm, making it the one of best ghee in Bangalore.

Himalayan Natives – A2 Gir Cow Ghee

Himalayan Natives Bilona Cow Ghee

This organic cow ghee has a pleasant aroma and flavour. Artificial flavours and preservatives aren’t used in it. It promotes eye health and helps fight the signs of ageing. The Badro cows that graze freely in the Himalayan plains provide the milk used to make this Ghee. These Indian cows consume a wide variety of herbs and spices, which are then infused into the Ghee.

A2 Cow Desi Ghee By Sri Sri Tattva

Sri Sri Tattva A2 Cow Desi Ghee

This brand’s name alone suggests that it is an Indian one. Sri Sri Tattva Ghee is the choice of those who desire the flavour and taste of Ghee. Using German technology that requires fewer human hands, milk is obtained from desi cows. The entire process is done in hygienic conditions, and the Food Department takes all necessary safety precautions to guarantee quality and hygienic conditions.

Gavyamart A2 Ghee

gavyamart bilona ghee

The ghee is traditionally cooked on a low flame, followed by Gavyamart Ghee, which adds more flavour and keeps the nutritional value intact. Gavyamart Kankrej Cow A2 Ghee is gluten-free, lactose-free, easily digestible, and safe for lactose or casein-sensitive individuals. It is also suitable for most people with lactose or casein sensitivity.

Gavyamart Desi Cow Ghee has a smooth, Granny-like texture and a rich, nutty flavour. It is safe to say that this is Bengaluru’s best Ghee.

Matratva – A2 Cow Ghee

Matratva - A2 Cow Ghee

Ankita Kumawat, a young IITian, founded the Matratva Ghee brand with her husband and a team of ten people to create something novel and revolutionary. She had given up her job in the US to pursue her dream of becoming a farmer. She started this Ghee brand in keeping with her roots because she came from a farming family.

The Ghee is freshly made in small quantities. We create our A2 Ghee using the Traditional Vedic Bilona (Hand Churned) Method to extract butter from curd. This butter is then heated over a traditional “Chula.” So it is safe to say that this is Bengaluru’s another best Ghee.

Why is A2 Ghee better than Regular Market Ghee?

Consumers must first know that native desi cows produce between 8 and 10 litres of milk per day. Therefore, the Milk Revolution began in 1963 to increase milk production. In the 1970s, some American cattle and bull semen were imported to meet the rising demand for milk in India. These breeds were a great way to boost the nation’s milk production because they produce close to 30 litres per day. Later, they underwent crossbreeding with indigenous Indian cows as well.

These cows’ milk contains the protein A1, which humans should not consume. This Ghee, sold in the market starting at Rs 500 per litre and marketed as pure cow ghee, is made in large quantities on an industrial scale to sell the product for less money. Additives like colour, flavour, and adulterants are frequently added to this Ghee to increase the quantity while maintaining the taste, texture, and aroma.

A2 cow ghee, on the other hand, is made using the age-old bilona method. Farms produce A2 Ghee in smaller batches. The Ghee doesn’t have any extra ingredients. The cows are only given organic fodder and are not hormone-injected. Technically, 1 kg of pure A2 cow ghee requires 28 litres of pure cow milk. As a result, one kilogram of Ghee costs a manufacturer about 1600 rupees to prepare. This explains why organic cow ghee is expensive.


In contrast to the average body temperature of 37.2 degrees, pure A2 Ghee melts inside the human body at 37 degrees. It’s fascinating to observe how nature has tailored Ghee for human consumption so that, when consumed as pure A2 Organic Cow Ghee, there is no risk of cholesterol buildup. Earthomaya A2 Desi Cow ghee is your best option if you want to purchase pure, homemade Ghee.

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