10 Healthiest & The Best Ghee in India in 2022

A dash of your youth, the aroma of our grandmother’s and mother’s care in our steamed rice. A jar of Ghee contains significantly more. Ghee is nearly synonymous with Indian culinary and religious traditions. Moreover, it has significance in Ayurveda, the ancient alternative medicine practice of India. In this article, we will share the list of best ghee in India in 2022 and how is the ghee made.

Ghee is a variation of clarified butter made from cow or buffalo milk; it contains abundant vitamins and antioxidants. Ghee is a healthy fat, and the correct amount of the finest Ghee in India can help combat obesity.

How is pure Ghee defined? Ghee is produced from the milk of desi cows using traditional methods, and without the high heat, as high heat destroys all the desirable qualities of Ghee. Note that a desi cow has a lineage of being grass-fed and grazes in open spaces such as large fields.

Making Ghee Using the Traditional Method

The best Ghee is either homemade or produced in accordance with the traditional method. The word ‘ghee’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘ghita,’ which means scattered.’ In Hindu culture, Ghee is regarded as highly pure and sacred; references to it can be found in the Vedas and sacred texts. It represents auspiciousness, prosperity, and plenty.

The healthiest and most flavorful Ghee in India should meet the following requirements.

  • Desi cattle that have access to expansive open pastures
  • Grass-fed
  • Free-roaming
  • Non-industrial Method of ghee production

According to the Vedas, the ideal day for preparing Ghee is Purnima (the full moon day), as it is believed that the cosmic position on that day energizes the milk and its preparation.

According to the Vedas, the type of cow, the quality of its diet, and the freshness of its milk determine the Ghee’s quality, color, and flavour. The Vedas describe the Bilona Method for producing desi ghee from cow’s milk, which is described as the Bilona Method.

The Bilona Method of Ghee Production

In this method, Ghee is produced by separating cultured butter from the curd during churning. The procedure consists of five distinct stages.

First, remove the cream

Low heat is used to boil fresh milk from desi cows until a thick cream forms on the surface. Milk is cooled down. The top layer of cream is discarded.

Second Step: Forming the Curd

To set the curd, a teaspoon of stored curd or lemon juice is added to milk and left overnight. Before setting the curd, milk must traditionally be transferred to a large earthenware pot. The process of churning begins the next day.

Third Step: Making Butter

A wooden churner uses clockwise and counterclockwise motions to churn the curd. This lengthy procedure is known as bilona. The liquid that remains after the separation of the butter (or makhan) is called buttermilk.

This method of making buttermilk is beneficial for the body. Even if it tastes good, adding water and spices to curd does not produce buttermilk and is unhealthy for the body.

Fourth Step: Making Ghee

The butter is subsequently heated over a medium flame. Once the butter reaches a boil, the heat is decreased. After an extended period, all the water evaporates, the butter becomes transparent, and the milk solids settle to the bottom.

Once the aroma is detected, the food is ready. This step’s duration dictates the aroma and flavor of the Ghee.

Fifth Step: Separating Ghee

The pure Ghee is then strained to remove the milk solids before being stored in a container.

Ayurvedic Approach to Ghee and Bilona

In the past few months, I have read about Ayurveda, practiced it, and received treatment for chronic health issues that Allopathy could not resolve. I have provided extensive explanations, which you can read here and here.

Ayurveda encourages the use of Ghee but recommends consuming it in moderation. The texts recommend Purvakarma, which involves consuming Ghee on an empty stomach. You may also consume a teaspoon of Ghee with each meal and use it sparingly when cooking. Ensure that your Ghee is not adulterated, as this is prevalent in Indian markets today.

Health Advantages of Ghee

Studies indicate that the optimal consumption of the best Ghee in India can aid in the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from food.

  • Improves heart health and reduces cholesterol levels
  • Improves gastrointestinal health and digestion
  • Enhances immunity and possesses anti-inflammatory properties
  • Fights obesity fortifies bones and improves eyesight
  • Thyroid dysfunction is treated

The Ghee Sold in Stores Today

The primary ingredient used to produce the majority of commercial Ghee is unsalted or white butter.

First, this butter is melted over low heat. Afterward, this is transferred to the boiler. The temperature is then increased to approximately 115 degrees from a temperature of 80 or 90 degrees Celsius (using steam pressure) at a high setting.

In between, the scum that forms on the surface is eliminated. When all the water content evaporates, fat spurts out; as the Ghee cools, small air bubbles form on the surface of the liquid, and the curd solids turn brown and settle to the bottom. This is packaged and filtered.

Why Is Ghee Sold in Stores and Malls Today Unhealthy?

Most nutrients are lost during the production of Ghee due to the high temperatures involved. The Ghee produced by machines is devoid of most vitamins and minerals.

In addition, store-bought Ghee is typically harmful because brands add preservatives and artificial fragrances to increase shelf life and flavor. This contamination is hazardous to your health.

Not to mention that many commercial brands produce Ghee from milk fat, which is high in saturated fat and increases the risk of heart disease.

Is It Possible to Make Ghee in India at Home?

Using the Bilona method, one liter of Ghee is typically produced from 30 liters of milk. This Ghee can be stored without refrigeration at room temperature. To make cow ghee at home using the bilona Method, you would require pure cow’s milk, an earthenware pot with a deep bottom, and a hand blender. Even a food processor performs admirably.

This is a laborious and time-consuming process, making it difficult for working professionals to prepare at home, but it is an experience nonetheless. However, smaller businesses still adhere to the traditional method of preparing Ghee, and their products are sold online so you can order them from the comfort of your home with just a few clicks.

Our Recommendations for India’s Best Ghee in 2022

Earthomaya A2 Desi Cow Ghee

A2 Cow desi ghee

Earthomaya A2 ghee is the best ghee in India. It improves physical and mental strength for an active and balanced lifestyle. This Ghee, with its pleasant aroma and flavor, makes every dish you prepare at home satisfying and delicious.

It is devoid of any chemicals or preservatives, supplying you with pure and healthy ghee. Additionally, Rathi Cow Ghee facilitates digestion and is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Ghee aids in weight management and has a moisturising effect on skin.

This ghee is abundant in all nutrients that are good for your health. This can help you achieve your weight-loss objectives. Additionally, it can promote heart health.

Gir Organic A2 Pure Cow Ghee

Gir Organic A2 Pure Cow Ghee


This brand has been in operation since 1990. On their NPOP-certified farm, Gir Organic Pure Cow Ghee is produced from 100% A2 cultured Gir desi grass-fed cow’s milk. In 2022, they will produce one of the best ghees in India by following the organic and traditional bilona method to produce wholesome, pure cow ghee.

This Ghee is rich in healthy fats, making it an ideal fat source. It improves the health and vitality of the body. Gluten-free, easily digestible, and safe for those with lactose or casein sensitivities, A2 cultured cow ghee contains no gluten. Contrary to conventional milk, milk from A2 cows contains A2 protein, which is more beneficial and secure than A1 protein.

This Ghee contains omega-6 fatty acids, calcium, iron, sodium, and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E. It is useful in various diets, including Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Ayurveda, Whole30, FODMAP, and GMP.

Jiva A2 Gir Cow Ghee

Jiva A2 Gir Cow Ghee


This brand embodies Ayurvedic knowledge. It maintains a balance between vata and pitta. Jiva A2 Gir Ghee is a traditional desi ghee produced from the milk of A2 Gir Cows. They guarantee maximum nutrition and superior quality.

Traditional bilona churning is used to preserve macro- and micronutrients in the Ghee. There are no added preservatives, color, or flavor to the Ghee. In addition to revitalizing the mind and body, it provides numerous health benefits. This Ghee increases strength and endurance. It can be consumed and applied to the skin.

Vedic A2 Gir Cow Butter

Vedic A2 Gir Cow Butter


Vedic Ghee is a pure A2 Gir cow ghee made from the milk of desi Gir cows fed on grass. Desi Gir cows grazing on verdant pastures produce milk that resembles nectar.

Typically, this Ghee is made by following the Ayurvedic Method of two-way churning cultured curd with a wooden churner (bilona). Slowly heating the butter produced by churning the curd removes the milk solids. The result is delicious, flavorful, and easily digestible healthy Ghee.

To ensure quality, the product is manufactured in small batches. To set the curd, ideal conditions are maintained under strict control. Vedic Ghee is devoid of pesticides and synthetic chemicals. This Ghee is exceptionally nutritious, with a balanced ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 and conjugated linoleic acid.

Anveshan A2 Cow Ghee

Anveshan A2 Cow Ghee


Anveshan cow ghee is made from the milk of Karnataka’s Harlikar Indian desi cows that are allowed to roam freely. This milk has an unusual golden hue and a sweet flavor. All these qualities make it in the list of best ghee in India.

They use the traditional hand-churning technique. Instead of obtaining fats from cream, the milk is boiled and then curdled to obtain fats. As per the Vedic Method, yogurt and water are slowly stirred in both directions. The richest components rise to the top. Slowly heating this butter produces nutrient-rich and traditional Indian Ghee.

Ayurvedic scripture The Charaka Samhita recommends A2 Ghee for optimal sensory organ function. It is abundant in omega 3 and omega 6, two essential fatty acids for human body function. It aids in the metabolism and regulation of high blood glucose levels.

Talegaon Farms

Talegaon Farms


The flavorful and fragrant Ghee is produced using the traditional bilona method. To preserve the rich, creamy, and nutritious quality, they encourage their farmers to allow their cows to graze freely so that they are content and healthy. It ensures that the milk is nutritionally dense.

Additionally, the brand educates farmers to improve production. They assist them in producing the appropriate raw materials. They provide the knowledge necessary to develop the skills and tools required to produce products of superior quality.

The brand assists farmers in developing quality and hygiene-maintaining processes and systems. They provide them with access to markets for all co-created products.

Vediko Origins

Vediko Origins Desi Cow Ghee


This brand has pledged to manufacture pure and genuine A2 cow ghee. They collect milk from all of the major Indian desi cow breeds. The Ghee has a silky, creamy consistency and a robust, nutty flavor. It contains no artificial colors. They intend to educate farmers to switch from conventional to organic agriculture, ensuring a higher-quality product. They also contribute to increased production and profitability.

Vediko organics is another best ghee in India. The Ghee helps maintain healthy microorganisms in the digestive tract, promoting digestion and elimination. It nourishes the body’s tissues, including the nervous system, resulting in a calm mind throughout the day.

Himalayan Natives

Himalayan Natives Bilona Cow Ghee


This Ghee is organic and pure A2 cow ghee. It is produced from free-range, grass-fed Himalayan Badri cows according to a Vedic procedure that is 100 percent authentic.

Ghee is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which have numerous positive effects on heart health. Ghee from grass-fed cows contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid, which has fat-burning properties.

Shree Radhey A2 Ghee Cow

Shree Radhey A2 Ghee Cow


This brand has been producing pure cow ghee using the traditional bilona method since 2015. They are among the oldest dairy farms that produce nutritious, rich, creamy, and healthy organic cow ghee. This 100% natural ghee is made from 100% natural fresh A2 cows’ milk from indigenous cows that have been carefully selected. Their products are tested in laboratories accredited by the NABL and contain no preservatives, additives, or colors.

Kapiva A2 Ghee

Kapiva 100% Organic Ghee


Depending on the cows’ diet, the flavor and color of the milk produced by this brand vary from batch to batch. They believe that a difficult path leads to the best outcome. The A2 Desi Cow Ghee is derived from the milk of Tharparkar cows, a breed of cow indigenous to India’s Thar Desert. This herd is grass-fed. They are not factory-farmed and are not cross-bred, ensuring their high quality.

The best Ghee in India is produced using a 3000-year-old Vedic method (bilona). The Ghee contains an extremely nutrient-dense beta-casein protein. It is suitable for lactose-intolerant individuals. Because it is hand-churned, this Ghee is easily digestible. Add some of this Indian Ghee to your roti for a delicious lunch.

How to Determine Whether Store-Bought Ghee Is Pure?

The color of pure Ghee is golden or yellowish-gold. However, most brands deceive consumers by adding artificial coloring and flavoring.

Here are some methods for ensuring that your Ghee is unadulterated and pure.

  • Check whether the product is labeled as natural and free of preservatives, synthetic additives, and artificial colors and flavors.
  • Verify that the milk used to produce the Ghee is from 100% grass-fed, certified cows.
  • Before purchasing, carefully read the ingredient list. Many brands deceive customers by adding vegetable oil, coconut oil, etc. and selling vanaspati or dalda.
  • The price of pure desi cow ghee in Indian rupees should exceed one thousand and five hundred dollars.

Thanks to technology, brands also engineer their products, making it nearly impossible to determine a ghee’s purity. If you want to check a previously purchased jar of Ghee, here are some methods:

Heating Method

The simplest method is to place a tablespoon of Ghee in a hot pan. If it melts instantly and turns brownish, you have the correct product. If it changes color to yellow, it indicates adulteration.

Sugar Method

Melt one teaspoon of Ghee and pour it into a clear container. Put sugar inside, then close and shake the bottle. Allow resting for approximately 5 to 8 minutes. If red sediments are present at the bottle’s bottom, the product contains impurities and vegetable oil.

Double Boiler Method

To determine if the product contains coconut oil, add a teaspoon of Ghee to a glass bowl and heat it using the double boiler method. Refrigerate the liquid for several hours after pouring it into a bottle. If the portion separates into two distinct layers, it indicates the presence of additional oils.

Iodine Method

The presence of starch can be determined by adding a few drops of iodine to melted Ghee. If the liquid turns purple, this indicates the presence of starch. Sorry, your Ghee is contaminated!

Flavor Check Method

Method for Evaluating Flavor Pure cow ghee has a nutty flavor and a yellowish–golden hue.

The Final Words – Best Ghee In India

The best Ghee in India should promote your health and well-being without sacrificing flavor. The best way to accomplish this is to ensure cows’ health and well-being and provide them with ample space to roam and graze on grass.

Once the milk is extracted from the cow, the production of Ghee should be conducted ethically, preserving nutrients and employing the bilona method. In times of life-threatening diseases and the coronavirus, it is crucial to read wisely, think critically, and eat mindfully.

From the list above, Earthomaya A2 desi ghee is the best brand that guarantees purity and made with bilona process.

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