Earthomaya Shares the List of Factors to Consider While Buying Ghee

Ghee has been a staple of Indian cuisine for centuries. It was widely utilized in kitchens and lavishly served in cuisine. However, it has been labeled a fattening dish for 20 to 30 years. It was rigorously avoided by anyone trying to lose weight. What really is the truth? This article will tell you the truth about Ghee and address questions like, “How do You identify genuine ghee among the various brands on the market?” What is the meaning of the A2 label? What kind of Ghee is better for health and well-being?

Ghee & Weight Loss

Scientific evidence supports the use of Ghee for optimal health. Ghee is regarded as a superfood that aids in weight loss. What role does ghee play in weight loss? Earthomaya has the answer to it.

We need to ingest good fat to burn fat inside our bodies, and Ghee is a wonderful fat source. Ghee not only aids weight loss but also promotes healthy skin, happy joints, good digestion, and satiety. Many people consume a lot of Ghee and can attest to its numerous health benefits. In Ayurveda, Ghee is praised for its numerous health advantages.

However, there is one thing you should keep in mind concerning Ghee. You can only realize Ghee’s advantages if the proper type is used. When we consume unhealthy, contaminated, or incorrect variants, we gain weight, and our health suffers. As a result, selecting the appropriate type is critical.

What is the best Ghee to use?

There are many different kinds of Ghee on the market. So, which one is the best? Ghee quality is determined by the three elements listed below.

  • Source of Ghee
  • Method of extraction
  • Kind of food fed to the animals

Let’s have a look at these three factors.

Source of Ghee

You can make Ghee from both buffalo and cow milk. Compared to buffalo ghee, cow milk and Ghee are sattvic in nature and high in nutrition. Weight growth is promoted by buffalo ghee, but weight loss is promoted by cow ghee. Cow ghee, not buffalo ghee, is recommended by Ayurveda for various reasons, including improved digestion, healthier skin, weight loss, increased immunity, and increased intelligence.

Cow ghee now comes in two varieties – cow ghee and A2 cow ghee. Which one should you pick? The protein is known as A2. Cow ghee is simply referred to as Desi cow ghee when it contains A1 and A2 proteins or just A1 protein. You will not find an A2 label on such a variation. A1 protein has been linked to type 1 diabetes, autoimmune illnesses, and digestive problems, and it is not recommended for human ingestion. A2 protein is better suited for human ingestion and can also be found in breast milk.

As a result, we must prioritize A2 milk and A2 cow ghee over all other options.

Extraction method

The advantages of A2 cow ghee are now reliant on the extraction procedure. You can make Ghee by extracting it directly from milk or curd. It isn’t easy to digest when it is removed from milk, as it is in many popular brands on the market. Compared to Ghee made from curd, it has a low nutritional value. Milk is first turned into curd, then Ghee is produced from curd, according to the classic Vedic bilona process. This is the most effective method for extracting Ghee.

Cows’ Nutrition

We’ve concluded that A2 cow ghee produced using the old Vedic bilona method is the best. However, we must not overlook the third factor: the cows’ food. Hormones, plastics, and food laced with toxic substances are fed to many cows. These toxins eventually find their way into milk and Ghee. As a result, we should only use Ghee that has been produced from cows that have been fed organic grass. This guarantees that Ghee is devoid of harmful compounds.

So, when buying Ghee, keep these three things in mind. If these factors – A2, bilona technique, grass-fed cows – are not listed on your bottle’s label, it signifies that these factors are not present and that your Ghee is not genuine organic cow ghee.

Ghee, which is A2, extracted using the bilona process and made from grass-fed cows, is expensive since it requires more resources and milk. Desi cows that produce A2 milk produce less milk than those that provide A1 milk. The Bilona method requires more milk than the standard approach. As a result of these causes, prices have risen.

We eat Ghee for its flavor as well as its health benefits. We must choose the appropriate option if we are serious about reaping the benefits. What’s the sense of consuming low-quality Ghee with low nutritional content if you have ailments later?

So make the right choice and go with the Earthomaya A2 Desi Cow Ghee extracted using the bilona process. This is the most effective weight-loss and health-promoting option.

Where To Buy A2 Desi Cow Ghee?

You don’t have to go looking for it. We have the purest Ghee available to make it easier for health-conscious people. The A2 cow ghee, prepared from purebred Rathi cows raised on organic farms, is available at our online store. This is extracted using the Vedic bilona process; therefore, quality and flavor are guaranteed. It’s both tasty and good for you.

As a result, choose A2 cow ghee produced using the Vedic bilona method. Add the correct type of Ghee to your diet to gain the many advantages of this ancient superfood. It should be a part of your weight-loss plan. Make good decisions in life to stay healthy and powerful. Earthomaya is where you can get the purest A2 Desi Cow Ghee.

We wish you good health and joy!

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