How a2 ghee is best for babies?

Ghee made from a2 milk is best for babies, see ways how it is beneficial for baby and how to use ghee in many different ways?

Foods like Desi Cow Ghee, Jaggery, and Honey create a great deal of confusion among brand-new moms and dads nowadays

YES! Ghee is undoubtedly beneficial to babies

Ways in which Earthomaya A2  Ghee is Good for Babies

> Taste Enhancer > Brain Development > Ghee Has High Smoking Point. > Lots of Vitamin. > Ghee Has the apx.  amount of Fat. > It is good for Lactose Intolerant Babies.

Consume Ghee as a Best massage oil

Ghee has natural moisturizing properties which helps  in maintaining skin healthy, soft, smooth and glowing

The 'bilona' or 'valona' technique produces Earthomaya A2 cow ghee.

Other Benefits for babies

>Build Immunity >Digestion Support >Can Aid in The  >Treatment of Dry Cough >Can Help With Eczema >Thyroid Function Is Regulated

When Can Babies Consume Ghee?