Benefits of Applying Ghee on Belly Button 

1. Assists in Removing Dirt

Applying ghee on the belly button helps to remove bacteria & accumulated dirt. This shields the belly button & navel area from dangerous illnesses. 

2. Maintains & renews healthy skin 

The body's various parts are tightly tied to the navel. The face and skin benefit from ghee massage on the naval. 

3. Beneficial for Digestion & Relieving Constipation 

Ghee lubricates the body, cleanses the intestines, & lowers the risk of constipation. It encourages the stomach's acid secretion, which speeds up digestion & absorption. 

4. Enhancing Hair Quality  

Applying ghee on the belly button will add lustre and ease hair dryness. Vitamins A and E in ghee effectively condition hair. 

5. Relieves Tense Joints 

Joint discomfort is relieved as ghee's advantages spread from the navel to different joints. Osteoporosis, arthritis, & inflammation are all caused by the wear & tear on joints. 

6. Enhances Fertility & Alleviates Menstrual Cramps 

It boosts female fertility and makes the reproductive system stronger. Additionally, it eases the discomfort associated with menstruation. 

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