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I’m not sure when and why ghee became associated with unhealthy fat for us Indians, although it’s today regarded as a therapeutic oil in the West. Allow me to debunk some beliefs and explain how helpful ghee is for a pregnant woman who wants to have a healthy and pain-free pregnancy and us. However, we should make a healthier choice by consuming A2 cow ghee during pregnancy. Desi ghee made from A2 cow provides several health benefits because of its increased nutritional qualities, including protein, iron, salt, calcium, vitamin A, D, E, and Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids. Let’s read more about A2 cow ghee.

About A2 Cow Ghee By Earthomaya

Earthomaya pure A2 desi cow Bilona ghee is prepared using the traditional Vedic Bilona method from the milk of A2 desi grass-fed Rathi cows. We manufacture ghee in small batches and in limited quantities to preserve the highest quality. A2 cow ghee has immunity-boosting properties and has excellent health benefits for expecting mothers. We make sure that the ghee is pure and has all of the essential nutrients. It’s also easier to digest, and the vital fatty acids help keep cholesterol levels in check. Now you can have a healthy pregnancy by including Earthomaya A2 Cow Ghee in your regular diet!

How Much Ghee Should You Eat While Pregnant?

During pregnancy, you can consume two to three teaspoons of ghee. Six tablespoons of fat per day are medically recommended, and about 10 to 12 percent is included in saturated fats like ghee. Not only during pregnancy, but Ghee also helps you stay healthy post-delivery. Read here how.

Should You Consume Ghee During the Third Trimester?

A2 cow ghee contains laxative qualities and is said to help induce labor. When consumed during the third trimester, ghee is supposed to irritate the intestines, causing contractions to extend to the uterus and induce labor. Ghee may also lubricate the vaginal canal, making delivery easier. Neither of these claims, however, is supported by scientific data.

Nevertheless, A2 cow ghee is a healthy source of fat that both you and your baby can benefit from. So, there is no harm in adding ghee to your diet as long as you stay within your ideal weight range and eat a balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Ghee has several health benefits, so it’s safe to consume in moderation. Now, let’s move to the benefits of consuming ghee during pregnancy.

Benefits of A2 Cow Ghee During Pregnancy

Today, most pregnant women are terrified of consuming ghee because they believe it would make them obese. On the other hand, mothers and grandmothers frequently urge pregnant women to eat ghee to maintain a healthy diet for both the kid and the mother. In the past, all pregnant women were required to consume at least two tablespoons of ghee per day to ensure the health and happiness of both the baby and the mother. Now let’s read more about A2 cow ghee benefits.

Ghee Is A Natural Tonic

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, recommends that pregnant women consume pure cow ghee daily, mixed with boiled milk, 1-2 drops of saffron, 3-4 drops of honey, and a pinch of turmeric, to improve the fetus’ brain health and ensure safe delivery.

Ghee for pregnancy diet not only improves the fetus’s brain health, but it also ensures the baby’s safe birth. It also functions as a brain tonic for children’s brain growth.

Repair the Organs

A2 cow ghee help heal and repair the organs, which enlarge during pregnancy to develop the baby inside the womb. Moreover, consumption of ghee also repairs tissues, drains out toxins, decreases cholesterol, boosts the immune system, and prevents and slows down the aging process.

Helps In Reducing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the most common condition that women face during pregnancy. Usually, near the end of your pregnancy, the belly stretches the most and can spread over your arms, legs, and buttocks. And this is where ghee can help. You can simply apply ghee and massage your belly to reduce the stretch marks.

Rich In Nutrients

A2 cow ghee is rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It’s one of the most natural ways to nourish pregnant women’s bodies and the baby within the womb. A pregnant lady needs at least 200-300 calories more per day than a normal individual. Ghee is a great method to get those extra calories healthily. During pregnancy, sweets like desi ghee laddoos can definitely satisfy your sweet tooth demands. Cooking with desi ghee might also help you get more nutrients.

Natural Stress Reliever

Pregnancy can be a difficult time because of all the hormone imbalances, physical changes, altered metabolism, anxiety of labor pain, tiredness, and so on. When you consume A2 cow ghee consistently, it may help relax nerves, reduce stress, and trigger fat hormones in pregnant women. Also, check here the diet tips for immunity, & weight management of pregnant women.

Keeps You Away From Junk Food

We all have a strong desire for good foods during pregnancy, especially junk food. A2 cow ghee Ghee enhances flavor and satisfies, keeping pregnant women away from junk food and sugar cravings. Because human brains are made up of fats, consuming ghee-based foods by the expecting mother will help the baby’s brain development.

Ghee Works As Lubricator

Diet is very crucial throughout pregnancy. An expectant mother must have a well-balanced diet to provide her growing fetus with adequate nutrition. Our grandmothers claim that ghee lubricates the vaginal canal and aid in normal delivery. They also believe that it helps with labor discomfort and contraction stimulation. These views, however, are not backed up by any scientific data, but we have seen many examples ourselves and heard many from our mothers and grandmothers.

Words From Author

Bone density problems are more common in women after one delivery, or after 30, especially after 40. The only cause is calcium and vitamin D deficiency. We must plan ahead of time for this. As a result, the period of pregnancy is the most important. Take healthy & Rich nutrition food. A2 cow ghee is one food that provides all beneficial nutrients to pregnant women and babies. Ghee is the healthiest option in pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy. Please don’t avoid this type of rich cuisine if you want to avoid severe difficulties in the future.

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This post is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi)

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