Why Adding A2 Desi Cow Ghee In Your Daily Meal Is Necessary

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Food is a difficult topic to understand, yet it is also one of the essential aspects of our everyday lives. People are experimenting with dishes and cuisines and the way they are consumed as a result of increased worldwide exposure. This article focuses on expanding your knowledge of A2 Cow Ghee and its various uses and benefits and why you need to add Ghee to your daily meals? And, we are also here to introduce you all to our incredible unique product, Earthomaya A2 Desi Cow Ghee. Keep Reading & Know the benefits!

About Ghee

Ghee is a staple in almost every kitchen. Almost every Indian household uses Ghee for religious purposes, festivals, and rituals. When we consume Desi ghee daily, we get numerous benefits. We have seen our grandparents consuming a spoonful of Desi ghee regularly. It keeps us fit and healthy. We must remember that Ghee used to be natural and pure back then. As a result, Ghee used to be high in essential nutrients. However, ghee today contains a variety of chemical additives, reducing its natural characteristics. And now, A2 Ghee takes us back to its original state. The advantages of A2 Ghee are infinite. Let’s know more about it.

About A1 & A2 Milk

A1 and A2 are two forms of beta-casein protein found in regular cow’s milk. Depending on the content of beta-casein, milk is divided into 2 variants namely A1 milk and A2 milk.

Cows that produce both A1 and A2 beta-casein protein are referred to as A1 cows, whereas those that exclusively produce A2 beta-casein are referred to as A2 cows.

A1 cows are cow breeds that originated in the United States, North Europe, and Australia. Hybrid cows are another name for them. Jersy, Holstein Friesian, Ayrshire, and British Short Horn are all A1 cow breeds. A2 cows are traditional cows that have not been genetically modified. Gir, Red Sindhi, Rathi, Sahiwal, Kankrej are some examples of A2 cows.

What is A2 Desi Cow Ghee?

A2 Ghee is the most natural and pure Ghee produced from A2 Milk. A2 ghee is one of the easiest dairy fats to digest. This makes it an excellent choice for people of all ages. It promotes digestion, prevents constipation, and detoxifies the body. Butyric acid, found in this ghee, nourishes the body.

The list of advantages of Desi cow ghee is endless. Also, read here why Should You Opt For A2 Milk In Comparison To The A1 Milk Type?

How A2 Ghee Is Made?

Generally, Ghee is prepared from butter that has been clarified, which means the casein and lactose have been removed, making it an excellent lactose-free alternative. Whereas, Earthomaya A2 Ghee is made using the ‘Bilona’ or ‘Valona’ procedure. In this process; A2 milk is curdled at first & then it’s churned by hand. This thick milk ghee is made by heating the Makkhan for a long time on a low flame. As a result, all of Ghee’s benefits are maintained. This remarkable ingredient is one of the five vital ingredients in the holy nectar known in India as ‘Panch-amrit.’ It’s a treasure of nutrients that can be used externally and consumed for therapeutic purposes.

About Earthomaya & Its A2 Desi Cow Ghee

Earthomaya; A Brand from Rajasthan, develop one-of-a-kind products by combining old Ayurvedic principles with modern technology to get “the most out of it,” which nourishes and improves human health. Earhomaya A2 Ghee has various health benefits, and we will now discuss why is it necessary to add A2 cow ghee to our daily meals. Before that, let us know more about its Colour, Texture, & Taste.

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Earthomaya A2 Ghee: Colour, Texture, Taste


Indian cows, also known as Desi cows, have some unique features, a hump on their back that has the spectacular power to absorb the sun’s energy with the help of the “solar pulse” situated on their humps running through the spine.

The hump is connected with a vein called Surya Ketu Nadi, which absorbs all the energy and produces golden salt in her blood and is present in the products like milk, ghee, curd, butter in golden colour. Hence, Earthomaya A2 Ghee is of Golden Colour.

As per astrology, SURYA (which rules soul) and KETU (Lord of Moksha); means humped cow help the soul attain moksha (liberation). Also referring to nine planets starting from the Sun & ending with Ketu. 


Because the Ghee is prepared on a low flame, it has a grainy texture. The aroma of pure Desi ghee is rich and authentic. It’s distinct and one-of-a-kind due to the scent.


Earthomaya A2 Ghee has a nutty flavour and it blends easily and complements any cuisine. It’s an absolute delight to eat this desi ghee with chapatis.

Benefits of Earthomaya A2 Desi Cow Ghee

At Earthomaya, we believe it is our job to assist our country’s citizens to obtain pure and unadulterated products. Our Ghee is created with the same goal in mind. So forget about your fears and get your hands on some of our pure cow and ordinary Ghee.

Welcome to the incredible advantages of Ghee in your life!

A2 Cow Ghee Acts As An Immunity Booster

Vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K are all found in abundance in A2 Cow Ghee. They’re all good for our immunity.

Vitamin K is extremely beneficial to the health of our bones. It strengthens our bones and boosts their density. All of the vitamins help keep our hearts, stomachs, and kidneys healthy. They also play an important role in maintaining the health of our brain cells.

Improves Digestion

One of the main advantages of pure Ghee is that it is easily digested. When we regularly consume substantial amounts of dairy products, they are difficult to digest. A2 Ghee also aids in the digestion of the meals we eat throughout the day. Constipation sufferers will benefit from it as well.


One of the benefits of cow ghee is worth mentioning is that it prevents us from detoxifying. Our intestinal cells are nourished by the butyric acid found in A2 Ghee. It also helps reduce inflammation and improve the general health of our digestive system. Other kinds of butter and oils slow down our digestion because they are difficult to digest. However, A2 Ghee speeds up our digestion.

Reduces Weight

Butyric acids, which are found in A2 Desi ghee, aid in digestion and, as a result, speed up our metabolism. As a result, a portion of our obstinate body fat is burned. If you have excessive cholesterol, you should substitute A2 Ghee for butter. Doctors even advise their patients to include Desi ghee in their diet.

All of the necessary amino acids are present in Desi ghee. They cause fat cells to contract. Omega3 and Omega6 are also fat-burning agents. This is one of the notable advantages of cow ghee.

A2 Cow Ghee Is A Great Source of Healthy Fat

This is one of the many advantages of A2 Ghee. A2 cow ghee is a healthy fat source. So, what exactly is good fat? Our bodies require fat to function properly. These fats help with the development of our brain. They also keep our skin, nerves, hair, and other organs healthy. These beneficial fats also help to strengthen and grow our cell membranes. Trans-fats, hydrogenated oil, and oxidised cholesterol are common adulterants or additives in other Ghee. They aren’t as nutritious as A2 natural Ghee.

Beneficial To Our Skin

A2 Ghee is really beneficial to our skin. When our skin becomes dry and chapped during the winter, Desi ghee can help relieve the dryness and moisturise the skin. We can also use A2 Ghee to make our lips soft and smooth like baby lips. A2 Ghee is also great for rashes on the skin. Under-eye creams can be replaced with Desi ghee if you have dark circles. It’s a more secure and effective approach to getting rid of dark circles.

Since ancient times, Desi ghee has also been used to treat and heal burns. It is an entirely natural method of treating burns. A2 Desi ghee also aids in the healing of any swelling in our body. You can also use A2 cow ghee to treat various skin conditions. Moreover, you can use Desi ghee even if you have an inflammatory skin condition & prevent inflammation in your bowels.

Excellent For Our Hair

Desi ghee contains fatty acids that keep our hair moisturized and nurture the scalp. A2 Ghee also nourishes hair follicles, improving the general health of our hair.

If your hair is damaged, rough or frizzy, try applying Desi ghee to make it very smooth instead of conditioner. Split ends can be treated with A2 Desi ghee, and the texture of your hair can be improved.

You can apply Ghee directly to the hair and leave it on overnight and witness its astonishing results the following day. The use of Ghee to massage our scalp improves blood circulation, leads to hair growth, and makes the hair stronger and thicker.

Provides Great Energy

One of the healthiest A2 Ghee advantages is this. We get quick energy from Ghee prepared from Desi cow milk. That is why many individuals begin their day with a cup of milk laced with Ghee. As a result, when pure desi milk is used to manufacture Ghee, all vital nutrients are transferred to the Ghee. As a result, when we eat a spoonful of Ghee every day, we get an instant energy boost. It provides us with enough energy to last an entire day.

Good For Muscle Health

Vitamin K, which may be found in A2 Ghee, is beneficial to our muscle health. As a result, our bone health improves when we consume Desi ghee with milk daily. Pain relief is another advantage of A2 Ghee. It lubricates our joints and relieves joint discomfort. Desi’s milk ghee also speeds up the healing of damaged bones.

Helps Heal Nose Blockage

This is one of the essential A2 Ghee benefits. Ghee might help you breathe easier if you have sinus problems or a blocked nose. This is a treatment that has been around since long. The scent of burning Ghee can help clear a blocked nose caused by a cold or virus. Check here some Tips For Healthy Eating This Winter.

Suitable For Lactose-Intolerant People

Lactose or casein (a type of protein) intolerance prevents dairy products from being consumed. Milk products are indigestible to them. They, on the other hand, can easily ingest A2 Desi ghee. Desi ghee contains no milk particles or contaminants because it is prepared from pure Loni or Makkhan. They also include a trace of casein. As a result, they are simple to absorb. It’s one of the best things about pure Ghee.

Extremely Helpful For Overall Growth

A2 cow milk ghee is crucial for growing children. It gives them all of the nutrition they require. It improves their memory and cognitive abilities. Ghee is beneficial to their mental and physical development. For optimum growth, every child must take Desi’s milk ghee daily.

Ghee’s adaptability is wonderful, yet even in India, people are falling to trends such as using olive oil or rice-bran oils instead of Ghee. This miraculous component truly aids in the preservation of the ‘Agni,’ or fire, in your bodies. Order your dose of pure Earthomaya A2 Cow Ghee today by clicking on the below link today and start enjoying the benefits!

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Take Away

Nowadays, Ghee is falsely promoted as fattening and a cause of high cholesterol, depriving people of Ghee’s many benefits. In reality, if Ghee is used correctly, those with digestive issues can develop a strong and healthy gut. Our grandparents taught us how to prepare foods and eat them properly. It’s probably time for us to pay more attention to what we eat and how we eat it.

Earthomaya A2 Cow Ghee is known for its purity and numerous advantages. We’d want to know whether you received any ghee benefits and how Ghee assists you in your daily life. Please let us know, and stay tuned to the Earthomaya blogs for more ghee-related posts.

This post is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi)

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