YES! A2 Desi Ghee Can Help You Lose Weight!! Know How?

If you’re trying to lose weight, we’re sure you’ve cut fat out of your diet, and the first thing that comes into your mind is Ghee, Right? In our previous blogs, we have mentioned various times that Ghee helps you with weight loss, and to justify the statement, we have come up with this blog today. So, keep reading to know how A2 Ghee can help for your weight loss mission.

Ghee is not the cause of those extra kilos, but it can help you lose them. Diet is one of the most beneficial aspects of weight loss plans. Most weight loss programs are successful when accompanied by a healthy diet, adequate rest, and a positive attitude. Adding healthy ingredients to your diet, such as Earthomaya A2 Desi Cow Ghee, can help you lose weight faster. But whether grass-fed Ghee is suitable for your diet is a difficult question! Let’s get started.

Because of the healthy fat content in Ghee, it takes time to digest it, whereas pure desi cow ghee helps in smooth digestion. The fatty acids in ghee-saturated fats are sufficiently health-friendly and provide various health benefits, including weight loss.

Reasons – A2 Desi Ghee Help in Weight Loss

Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acid

One of the primary reasons is its high Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acid Content, which aids in staying fit and healthy. Omega 6 fats have been shown to increase lean body mass while decreasing fat mass. Experts have also discovered that Ghee aids in the mobilisation of fat cells to be burned for energy. Furthermore, the omega 3 fatty acid in ghee can help you lose inches and, eventually, kilos.


Ghee aids in mobilizing fat cells to be burned for energy, thereby reducing fat mass and increasing lean body mass. Thus, butyric acid, along with vitamins A, D, E, and K found in Ghee, helps to boost immunity, improve metabolism, and result in weight loss!

Amino Acids

Ghee is high in essential amino acids, which can help reduce fat cells’ size. If your body stores fat quickly, adding Ghee may be beneficial.

Medium-chain Fatty Acids

There is a higher concentration of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids in desi cow A2 ghee, which has various biological benefits. Dietary substitution of MCFAs (medium-chain fatty acids) also aids in weight loss. The energy from medium chain fatty acids can be used to burn other fats in the system to lose weight, so anti-obesity properties in MCFAs are well recognised.

Short-chain Fatty Acids

Ghee is made up of 99% milk fat. Saturated fatty acids make up the majority of this fat. SCFAs (short-chain fatty acids) found in Ghee, such as butyric, caproic, caprylic, and capric acid, may be beneficial for weight loss and fat loss.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA is a type of Omega-6 fatty acid & ghee is rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) content. It is a natural fatty acid, and if consumed daily, it supports weight loss and also protects its consumers from carcinogenic diseases. CLA, or medium-chain fatty acid, is essential for increasing lean body mass and naturally controlling unwanted body fat. As a result, it aids in active weight management.

Butryic Acid

The accumulation of unwanted toxins and irregular bowel movements are the causes of fluid accumulation in the body, and this fluid accumulation frequently adds to body weight. A healthy colon aids in the removal of toxins from the body. Butyric acid in Ghee acts as a natural colon cleanser and aids in the removal of toxins from the body.

Ghee in the diet is a passive remedy for adding butyrate, a natural supplement for maintaining a healthy colon. It is an excellent natural laxative and detoxifier. Moreover, it helps to keep the body’s health system clean and contributes to healthy weight loss.

How Much Ghee Is Safe to Consume?

Anything in excess is unhealthy, and this includes Ghee too. Nutritionists recommend consuming around 15 grams of Ghee per day if you use only the best quality pure ghee made from desi cow milk. You will get the most weight loss benefit from cow ghee.

A healthy adult with an active lifestyle should consume 2-6 teaspoons of pure grass-fed Ghee per day. Here are some recommendations:

  • Adult males and females: 2 teaspoons per day
  • 3 teaspoons per day for pregnant and lactating women
  • 7–25 months: 1 – 2 teaspoons daily
  • Children (3-9 years old): 2-3 teaspoons per day
  • Adolescents (10-17 years): 3 tsp/day

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How to Add A2 Ghee In Your Diet For Weight Loss?

You must learn how to use Ghee correctly in your weight loss diet. Here are some tips:

Use it as a cooking oil

It has a higher smoke point than other common cooking oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, canola oil, and so on.

Use In Coffee or Tea

You can use pure Ghee in tea or coffee to make bulletproof tea or coffee. Because of its fat content, Ghee in coffee acts as a filler food. It reduces calorie intake, which results in weight loss benefits.

Use It As Seasoning

Pure Ghee can be used as a seasoning in any cooked dish. It will improve the flavour of your cooked foods while also providing you with ghee benefits. Another diet-friendly ghee option is to spread a small spoonful of Ghee on homemade Rotis or parathas. You can use it as a healthy substitute for salted/unsalted butter in your morning cereal.

Put It In Rice

Is rice your mainstay? If so, put a blob of Ghee on warm rice and eat it. If you add pure unsalted Ghee to plain rice, it will taste delicious.

Add It In Milk

Nothing beats the ghee when mixed with lukewarm pure a2 desi cow milk! It will help you completely eliminate constipation, which will aid in weight loss. Every night, drink a cup of warm milk infused with a spoonful of Ghee to improve your metabolism. Constipation or a bloated stomach can make it difficult to lose weight. A cup of warm milk can relieve all stomach stress and provide you with the energy you need to continue your workout sessions. Include this in your nightly routine and enjoy the results.

Ghee for weight loss is now proven to be a viable option. But there’s a catch. A few conditions must be met before consuming Ghee for weight loss purposes. These are:

  • You must maintain an active lifestyle that includes regular exercise.
  • Ghee should be consumed in moderation.
  • You must use grass-fed Ghee of the highest purity standard.

While the first two points are lifestyle choices, the third point, about using grass-fed pure quality ghee, is critical for a consumer. To reap the benefits of Ghee for weight loss, you can buy Earthomaya A2 Desi Cow Ghee. Click here to read this amazing article on how ghee is for everyone & every occasion!

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Celebrity dietician; Rujuta Diwekar have openly stated that the fat content of ghee is an excellent supplement to weight-loss diet plans. That is, if you want to lose weight, including ghee in your diet can be a safe way to begin and continue your weight loss programme with healthy diet support. The catch is that you must know how to use ghee nutrition information correctly in order to plan eating ghee for weight loss.

Ghee consumption for weight loss is not a fad or a marketing ploy. This healthy weight loss plan can be tried with Milkio grass-fed ghee. With a distinct nutty aroma and golden-creamy texture, this dairy staple provides both enhanced flavour and excellent ghee nutrition support.

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