Why Should You Opt For A2 Milk In Comparison To The A1 Milk Type?

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Introduction To The Source Of Milk

Milk has always been looked upon as a pure and complete nutritional source for every mammal in the world. Hence, milk is a source of a wholesome, healthy diet that has constituted an essential part of the healthcare routines for generations. A2 type of milk has uncountable benefits over the A1 milk. This is why this has been a boss over the latter. Let’s read the whole article and look at a few reasons that A2 bosses over A1.

Presently, the market has come up with unlimited variants of milk that differ in quality, popularity, and sources from which they are obtained. The difference in the sources and the locations from which respective milk quality is obtained results in the difference of taste and benefits derived from the same.

The native Rathi cow breed has been popular for its nutritional milk quality among numerous such types. This is famous in the districts of Bikaner, Shree Ganganagar, Hanumangarh, and Churu districts of Rajasthan.

The foreign countries favor the Rathi cattle rearing practices. Preferred to be brought straight from countries like Mexico and Venezuela, the same breeding has been spread to North America. Rathi is considered the top-quality Desi cow and is preferred to be bred as Hybrid cattle.

Coming to the topic, the cows in India, such as Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, Gir, etc., provide protein-rich beta A2 type of milk. Those like Jersey, Holstein, etc., give the one enriched with A1 and A2 casein beta protein.

The Brilliance Of A2 Milk When Compared To A1

As mentioned earlier, the cows producing both the types A1 and A2 beta protein-rich milk are the A1 types, while the ones that give only the quality of milk rich in a 2 beta-casein is known as A2 cow.

The Difference in;

  • Nutrition value
  • The digestive tolerance,
  • The contents and benefits,
  • The immunity boosters present in both of them,
  • The vitamins and the process of production and availability make A2 a leader.

Let Us Analyze The Comparison In Detail

cow milk

Quantity of Milk Obtained

The natural processes produce A2 milk with only 3-9 litres per day, while on the contrary, the A1 type of milk is a genetic mutation producing 15 to 20 litres per day.

Contents & Composition in A1 and A2 Milk

  • The A2 milk contains enzymes that enhance cerebral development supporting better mental power, while here comparatively, A1 lacks the absolute nutritional value.
  • The former comprises strontium serving as the immunity booster for everyone, but the A1 type may cause gastric problems, stomach ulcers, and blotting.

Nature of Milk & Respective Preferences

  • The former is light. So, preferred due to its ease of digestion and tolerance. But, on the other hand, the one obtained from A1-type cows is not suitable for lactose and protein intolerant consumers. Hence A2 is a better option than the latter.
  • The caliber of A2 type of milk cures constipation. In addition, it regulates smooth bowel movements due to its dilute nature. The latter is obtained artificially by injecting hormones into the cattle to increase milk.

Physical Outlook of The Cattle & The Difference of Composition

The physique of A2-type cattle is appropriate to enhance the quality of milk, enriching it with Omega 3 content supporting full cholesterol clean-ups. In contrast, the other types of cattle lack Vitamin D.

Peer To The Mother Milk

The quality of the A2 type is near the mother’s milk composition, and the nutritional value is approximately the same. Thus, this makes a better choice than the milking machine types/A2.

Source of A2 Milk & A1 Milk

  • The quantity and quality of the A1 are boosted artificially to meet the demand and supply requirements, while the A2 type is the natural and highly unaltered quality.
  • Type A1 lacks absolute nutrition resulting in autism or AHD symptoms. Even this may cause uncertain infant death diseases, cardiac problems, etc. A2 type of milk has No artificial means, making it entirely safe for anyone and everyone.

The differences mentioned above clear the A2 type of milk position and the reasons for preference. In addition to the above points, A2 also owes the best health benefits ensuring you and your family a complete package of the nutritional content.

Effective Benefits of Switching Over to A2 Milk

a2 cow

Pregnancy, The Crucial Phase

The casein beta protein-rich content of the same is a true blessing to the post-pregnancy body nutrition needs. The rich vitamin D content of the same is the best solution for the pre and post-pregnancy phases. The positive effects improve the conditions of pregnant women and infants in the womb. It is the perfect solution to indigestion during the same stage, and the same has only a positive response to both the mother and the unborn baby. This is the best choice as the other type of milk may cause diarrhea, lactose intolerance, etc.

A2 Milk Helps In Reducing Weight

The unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits nowadays result in the accumulation of fatty acids and cholesterol in the human body. But, on the other hand, A2 milk consumption boosts the immune system positively, and the enriched Vitamin D and Omega 3 content of A2 milk affects your health completely and reduces fat deposits.

Equal To Pure Mother’s Milk

The presence of colostrum makes the same similar/ equal to the original and pure mother’s milk in nutritional extent and quality. Thus, the same is the best option to assure the little one’s mental and physical growth.

Thus, the same becomes a substitute for newborns whose mothers cannot produce milk or, unfortunately, whose mothers lose their lives during deliveries or in a short span post-delivery. Even the mothers who cannot breastfeed their newly born (for any reason) find this the best option for their kids’ health.

Cerebral Development & Support Of The Child

As a mother, the respective milk variant is the best option for the kids’ mental health and wellness. With this by your side and cerebrosides and strontium as the contents, the milk will boost the immune system and brain development.

Boosts New Moms’ Milk Production

The intake of omega-three and vitamin D is good for the new moms and at the same time boosts milk production, which in turn benefits the mom as well as the child.

A2 Milk Boosts Immunity

Last but not least, the A2 type milk is a whole nutrition package for everyone. The prevention against the routine health conditions relating to migraines, asthmatic problems, heart-related uncertainties, joint and muscle weaknesses, gastric and thyroid-related issues, etc., can find a way of relief with regular consumption of the same. Even the severe cancer problem has improved to a certain extent, if not completely. You Must Check The Amazing product By Earthomaya and Click Here To Buy its A2 Desi Cow Ghee at a reasonable price.


The health effects aren’t limited to any particular type of people/group. Instead, the benefits apply to all age groups and the complete human race in general.

  • In the present-day market, A2 milk is the world’s leading choice in the context of health and safety. The above-enumerated benefits are enough to explain why the product takes the lead over the others in the market.
  • Also equally important are the various sub-products obtained from the same milk. The by-products such as butter, curd, buttermilk, etc., form the basic constituents of a routine diet of every common mass.
  • The best quality and reliability of the same stands unparalleled. And this makes the product unique and distinguished as the best health resource.
  • No quality/brand/type if the category can match the utility of the A2 type of milk. These make it the best and obvious choice of the majority of the world.

Even the research and development centers have assured their trust in its quality, benefits, and purity. This is a perfect blend of uncompromised quality and the best advantages of being a crucial part of one’s diet.

This post is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi)

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