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Develop unique products by incorporating ancient Ayurveda principal with new innovative processes to get “the best out of its” which nourishes & enhances human health.

About Our Products

Our belief is the earth has supernatural healing power.

It is a combination of two phenomenal tattva which nourishes & enhances human health.

-Product has been tested by Fssai and NABL approved labs for all Nutritional facts and Additives and Preservatives and found to be completely Additives and Preservatives Free, you can see each report on our website.

  • No Preservatives
  • No Flavor
  • No Sugar
  • No Coloring agent and also gluten-free.

About Aloevera Ghee:

It s the product first of its kind in India. The product is thoroughly lab tested and proven to give results. It is made by an innovative process that takes the best of the aloe vera.

Only Two Ingredients –

  • Aloe vera leaflet
  • Desi Cow Ghee Benefits

Facts about Earthomaya Aloevera Ghee

  • Earthomaya ghee is made of specified species of Aloevera. We use only fresh Aloevera .
  • Earthomaya ghee is made by using of Aloevera leaflet which means not only gel is used and the whole leaflet is used.
  • Aloevera extract or powder is not used to prepare the ghee
  • We prepare desi cow ghee in a small batch to keep it fresh and hygiene.

Benefits of Aloevera Ghee

  • It helps in respiration and lung diseases also fight against cigarette smoke particles in the lung by increasing cytokines due to the presence of aloe-emodin
  • It also relieves constipation and stomach gas
  • Aloe-emodin is proven to improve the Central Nervous system so it helps in fighting against Amnesia.
  • It also helps with Diabetes.
  • Aloe vera improves collagen production in our body and does bone remodeling which helps in joint pain and Osteoporosis.
  • It has anti-aging effects and good for the skin.
  • It improves eye vision as it has beta carotene and vitamin A in it.
  • It also helps in fighting against nonalcoholic fatty liver.
  • Aloe-emodin is proven to reduce the chance of breast cancer.
  • Due to its antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties, it is beneficial in skin rashes, skin allergy, skin itching.

Nutrients fact

  • Beta carotene
  • Vitamin A
  • It has all the 16 types of fatty acids whereas cow ghee contains only 13 fatty acids
  • Aloin content (an active ingredient of Aloe vera)
  • Zero Trans Fat
  • Zero Sugar

Suggested usage

Warm a little, 1-2 teaspoons of ghee, and have it empty stomach first in the morning.

Also, can be consumed with a daily meal.

Most recommended as a supplement, taken at a time away from meals.Pregnant and lactating women should consult their doctor before starting herbal supplements.


The ingredients we choose are 100% organic we use hand-churned cultured cow ghee made by desi cow milk.

we don’t use any kind of aloevera extract or powder we use fresh aloevera leaflet as a whole which is grown organically and on desert soil which is native to it which increases the presence of active ingredients in the plant

About Aloe Vera

There is nothing new about the benefits of Aloevera, it is well known to everyone for its several benefits. Aloevera is known for its antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties. It helps in constipation. It accelerates wound healing For centuries, Aloevera has been used for its numerous medicinal properties. Egyptian queens used it as part of their regular beauty regimes. Alexander the Great, and Christopher Columbus used it to treat soldiers’ wounds. Traditionally, Aloevera is used in India to cure burning, skin irritations, cuts, and insect bites, and its bactericidal properties relieve itching and skin swellings. It is known to help slow down the appearance of wrinkles and actively repair the damaged skin cells that cause visible signs of aging.

About Desi Cow A2 Ghee

A2 cow ghee is traditionally made from the ‘bilona’ or ‘valona’ process. In this technique, the milk is first curdled and then hand-churned, or churned using motors. The makkhan (butter) obtained in the process is then heated till the desi A2 cow ghee is procured.

Desi Cow Ghee is rich in short- and medium-chain fatty acids which help in losing weight.

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