Six Primary Reasons Of Consuming Aloe Vera Ghee For Joint Pain

Joint pain is a common health concern nowadays that affects people of all ages, and it may be caused by a variety of factors like injury, infection or arthritis. According to Ayurveda, when the Vata dosha is out of balance, it causes blockages in the body, leading to ailments like arthritis. Aloe vera is vata-balancing in nature, which is why it is suggested in Ayurveda for joint pain & it is an Ayurvedic plant that helps alleviate joint discomfort. But, here in this article, we are not talking about aloe vera but the Ghee made from it, i.e., Aloe Vera ghee that can help you get rid of joint pain. So, let’s read more about it.

What Is Aloe Vera Ghee?

Aloe Vera ghee is a unique product made by Earthomaya, which contains leaf and gel parts of aloe vera and a2 desi cow ghee. As the name suggests, aloe vera ghee has the beneficial properties of both the incredible products; Ghee & aloe vera itself. 

Aloe vera ghee contains antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that help to alleviate joint pain symptoms. Apart from alleviating joint pain, Aloe Vera ghee has a wide range of applications to treat ailments such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, burns, and wound healing. You can check here more benefits of aloe vera ghee.

The plant’s seventy-five active ingredients of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, and other nutrients are responsible for the plant’s capacity to deliver such a wide range of health advantages. The following are the main advantages of aloe vera ghee in terms of joint health.

How does Aloe Vera Ghee help In Joint Pain?

In rheumatoid arthritis, aloe has primarily three functions: cell regeneration in wound healing, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic agent. Antioxidants such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Tannins, Flavonoids, and Carotenoids are abundant in Aloe Vera ghee. In addition, it has vitamins that relieve stiffness and discomfort around the damaged joints, making it easier for patients to move around.

The inherent detoxifying properties of Aloe Vera ghee help in the removal of toxic waste from the circulatory and digestive systems. This soothes the Vata Dosha, which, according to Ayurveda, is the cause of joint pain and provides pain relief. Aloe Vera also has a lot of nutritional content, which boosts the body’s ability to fight infections and other ailments, therefore strengthening the immune system. So let’s move to know its benefits & the reason of its effectiveness.

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Six Primary Reasons Of Consuming Aloe Vera Ghee For Joint Pain

Aloe Vera Ghee Increases Collagen Production

Collagen is the most prevalent protein in the human body, and it may be found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. It’s the substance that binds the human body. The skin will lose its form if collagen levels in the body diminish. As a result, many people use collagen supplements to maintain their skin’s health. And here comes the aloe vera ghee for this purpose. Aloe vera plant has been used to heal and soothe wounds for centuries. It promotes collagen formation when applied topically or ingested orally, which is why it works to cure cuts and burns. This cell-growth-stimulating feature can help your skin produce more collagen & improve your skin condition.

Presence of Aloe Emodin

Despite its use in cosmetics, aloe vera is effective in treating allergic reactions, arthritis, and rheumatoid fever due to the presence of the active compound anthraquinone alkaloid (aloe-emodin), which inhibits prostaglandin E2 and inducible nitric oxide and thus has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, Aloe-emodin also possesses anti-analgesic and anti-swelling properties.

As per new findings, aloe-emodin appears to have a wide range of pharmacological effects, including anticancer, antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic, neuroprotective, and hepatoprotective properties. These pharmacological qualities form the basis for treating a variety of ailments, including arthritis, joint pain, Alzheimer’s disease, influenza, psoriasis, inflammation, sepsis, malaria, glaucoma, liver fibrosis, Type 2 diabetes, growth abnormalities, and a variety of cancers.

Some studies claim that Emodin has therapeutic potential in treating pancreatitis, asthma, arthritis, atherosclerosis, myocarditis, glomerulonephritis, and Alzheimer’s disease, among other conditions.

Aloe Vera Ghee Contains Calcium

Getting enough calcium is key to avoiding osteoporosis, which is characterised by decreased bone quantity and quality, raising the risk of fractures and disability. Calcium is required for bone health throughout one’s life.

Calcium is necessary for strong and healthy bones. It also helps blood circulation and muscle control. Because our bodies do not create calcium on their own, we must receive it from the foods we eat. When our bodies don’t get enough calcium, they remove it from our bones. This can damage the bones over time, leading to osteoporosis. Aloe vera ghee contains calcium, a well-known vitamin that plays an important role in bone and joint health. As a result, it can help reduce joint inflammation and pain, especially in the knees.

Antibacterial and antioxidant properties

Bacteria may be present, and toxins may be released when a ligament or joint is torn and damaged. The body must fight off the rising bacterial population as the joint heals. As a result, free radicals form, damaging the joint and overall health. Our body produces natural antioxidants to combat free radicals, but they are insufficient to stop the rapid development. Aloe vera ghee contains a lot of antioxidants that can help the body get rid of free radicals and pollutants. In addition, it helps the immune system and decreases oxidative stress.

Aloe vera ghee’s antimicrobial properties also help fight against microorganisms that thrive during joint pain and infection-related illnesses. In addition, Aloe vera ghee helps eradicate germs that cause joint discomfort due to infection.

Presence of A2 Desi Cow Ghee

Ghee is a well-known joint lubricant that helps to relieve inflammation around the joints. A2 Ghee reduces inflammation, which helps to prevent bone deterioration and maintain bone strength. One can consume it to lubricate joints and reduce joint discomfort regularly or as part of a body massage. Regular consumption of A2 Ghee lowers cholesterol, improves heart health, and alleviates joint pain. In addition, it relieves inflammation, lubricates joints, and lowers arthritis-related joint stiffness.

Another feature of Aloe vera Ghee is Linoleic Acid, which is a particular component. This substance has anti-inflammatory effects. The A2 Ghee can help persons suffering from persistent joint problems thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and high Vitamin K2 level. As a result, incorporating aloe vera Ghee into your diet daily will help maintain the health of your bones and joints.

Prevents Arthritis

Arthritis is a disease that causes inflammation in the joints. Inflammation is a common symptom of joint pain, and it manifests itself in the form of swelling and redness in the affected area. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory chemicals that inhibit the production of interleukin-1, which promotes joint inflammation. It also helps to relieve discomfort. This helps in the prevention of arthritic symptoms as well as speedy recovery. Check out this article on the common plant which can ‘fight’ pain & has anti-inflammatory properties.

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It’s important to remember that supplements aren’t a quick treatment for pains. They may take weeks or months to take action and reduction in pain. There may be more significant pain alleviation when combining aloe vera ghee with proper diet and exercise.

Aloe vera ghee’s benefits to health are limitless. We will continue to share more about them and provide you with this product to experience these uses for yourself. You can get aloe vera helpful for joint pain from here. Head over to explore our offers. 

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