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Why Cow Ghee Is Indicated As “Superfood” In Ayurveda?

The title says Ghee is considered a Superfood in Ayurveda. But, have you ever wondered why Ayurveda holds Ghee in such high regard? You tell us, don't you love a healthy scoop of Ghee melted over their rice or any meals like vegetables or chapati? Delicious, it is! If you've ever had the pleasure ...

How A2 Ghee For Dosha Can Be A Perfect Ayurveda Diet?

Have you ever heard someone saying that they eat according to their Dosha or follow only the Ayurvedic diet? Yes? So what exactly it is? What is this Dosha that people keep talking about? Let us know a bit about it before we move to the main focus of this article, i.e., How A2 Ghee For Dosha ...

Curd Churned Bilona Ghee – The Right Way To Prepare

Ghee consumption has innumerable health benefits, according to Ayurveda. Strengthening immunity, losing weight, and improving digestion are just a few. However, all of these advantages are due to the use of 'Pure Desi Cow Ghee,' which is produced using the ancient Ayurvedic method (Bilona). Various ...

Ways in Which Earthomaya A2 Cow Ghee is Good for Babies

Foods like Desi Cow Ghee, Jaggery, and Honey cause a lot of confusion among new parents these days. All because of the significant difference between our age-old traditional dietary habits and modern-day food habits for babies. Even though pure organic grass-fed Gir cow ghee is supposed to be ...

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