Earthomaya Piles Miles Away: How it Benefits in Various Types of Piles

In our previous blog, we have discussed Piles & its Solution, i.e., our product, Earthomaya Piles Miles Away. So here, this article focuses on the various types of Piles and how Piles Miles Away helps cure it and its related complications.

Now that we understand, Piles can often turn into a chronic disease since people can’t find a cure for it. However, our product has received excellent reviews in curing the piles and symptoms since its launch. So, let’s get ahead and know its Grades & types.

Earthomaya Piles Miles Away & Various Types of Piles

Piles Miles Away is an Ayurvedic, natural solution to the piles or fissure problem. With a handful of beneficial herbs, it has anti-inflammatory and laxative properties. It relieves the pain and gives you a pleasant vibe. It helps to cure different types and stages of piles. Hemorrhoids are usually divided into four general categories. They are-

Internal Piles

Internal hemorrhoids are covered by the rectum’s mucosal membrane and frequently remain on the inside (Grade 1). At normal times, you do not feel or see them. Even they did not cause any discomfort. Internal hemorrhoids may descend and prolapse out of the anus, commonly with defecation (passage of stool); however, they are usually not painful. Internal hemorrhoids that prolapse and reduce back inside on their own are classed as Grade 2, while those that only diminish with surgery are labeled as Grade 3.

External Piles

External hemorrhoids (Grade 4) are skin-covered hemorrhoids that are permanently on the outside of the anus. This type of pile can cause bleeding. Also, as a side effect, you may feel cracking and itching. Sometimes, the affected areas are swollen and cause acute pain.

Thrombosed Piles

The term “thrombosis” is derived from the word “clotting.” When an internal or external hemorrhoid fills with blood clots and obstructs blood flow, the condition is known as a thrombosed hemorrhoid. Most thrombosed hemorrhoids are external, meaning they occur below the dentate line; however internal hemorrhoids can also be thrombosed. Hemorrhoids that have thrombosed might become tender and uncomfortable.

Prolapsed Piles

Although it is similar to the regular external piles, there is a difference between them. Prolapsed piles include swollen veins inside the rectum. And the end part of the large intestine pops out. In external piles, swollen veins are found outer skin of the anus.

Prolapsed hemorrhoids are usually not painful, but they can cause discomfort, bleeding, and itching, making sitting, using the restroom, and going about everyday living difficult. Prolapsed hemorrhoids may decrease on their own or with at-home therapy in many cases. Medical or surgical treatment may be required as well.

Piles Miles Away reduces the discomfort and pain regardless of the type of the piles. Thus, it gives a comprehensive solution for hemorrhoids. Piles may vary as per the dosha in an individual. Piles Miles Away takes care of it. So, whether it is bleeding piles or piles without bleeding, you may opt for it after taking expert suggestions.

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Four Grades of Piles

According to the experts, the condition of piles is classified into four Grades. The doctors may suggest operations for the people with Grades 3 and 4. However, if you are in the first two grades, Earthomaya’s “Pile Miles Away” is a solution that reduces your symptoms of piles. Gradually, you can find a complete cure for your constant problem.

Grade 1

Internal hemorrhoids remain in the rectum.

Grade 2

Internal, prolapsed hemorrhoids have an exterior portion that will naturally return inside on its own.

Grade 3

Advanced Internal hemorrhoids with an exterior portion will be pushed back inside by gentle pushing.

Grade 4

External hemorrhoids are permanently outside of the anus and cannot be pushed back in.

Click here to know the Ingredients and how to consume Piles Miles Away.

How Piles Miles Away Helps in Piles & Related Complications

Now, you know that medicine helps cure different types of piles and their complicated situations. Let’s know how it provides different cures.

Relieves Pain

Almost every type of pile causes pain- severe or mild. Whether it is a bleeding pile or not, pain occurs. Piles Miles Away can reduce and eliminate the pain. Thus, patients find comfort and stay relaxed.

Cures Swelling

For both external and prolapsed piles, swelling veins is a factor. The medicine helps to heal the swollen veins. Also, it lowers the swelling.

Relieves Itching

Piles come with severe itching and burning sensation. Regular use of Piles Miles Away can help to soothe the discomfort. It relaxes the outer and inner skins around the anus.

Cures Chronic Constipation

Chronic constipation is one of the primary reasons for the recurrence of piles. The medicine not only cures the piles but also eliminates this reason. It regularises bowel movements. So, you don’t face problems while passing stools.

Shrinks the Pile Mass

Often, undue lumps and masses grow around the anus and rectum areas. It causes pain. Also, it leads to severe discomfort while sitting or passing stools. The medicine reduces the size of the lumps.

Prevents Complications & Recurrence of the Problems

People consider piles a chronic disease as it comes back often. The primary reason for the recurrence is not treating the root cause. Piles Miles Away takes care of the causes of the piles. On the one hand, it prevents any severe complications. On the other hand, it treats the causes so that the problem does not come back.

Improves Digestion

Poor digestion leads to irregular bowel movements. It may result in piles or hemorrhoids. As you consume Piles Miles Away with banana, it improves your digestive system. The beneficial ingredients like Jimikand or yam strengthen digestion.

Thus, Piles Miles Away can cure different piles with its beneficial properties.

Does it have any Side Effects?

This Ayurvedic remedy does not have any side effects. The herbs are 100% pure. Also, they are standardized. It does not contain any harmful chemicals or artificial colors. In addition, it does not include any added flavor. So, you can consider it as a helpful natural remedy to cure the piles.

At Which Age it Happens?

People over 50 years of age suffer from hemorrhoids or piles. Anyways, young people can also get it under certain circumstances. Also read, How sitting in the toilet for long, pressing phone can cause Piles.

The Major Causes of Piles are;

  • Pregnancy
  • Old age
  • Chronic constipation
  • Poor diet and lifestyle
  • Heavy weightlifting
  • Unhygienic anal intercourse
  • Obesity
  • Genetic reasons

What Are We Offering?

So, in this package, you will receive a jar of Earthomaya Piles Miles Away which provides a plethora of benefits. It is natural, safe, and hygienic. The price is also affordable. The treatment course is of 7 to 10 days and we ensure that it provides you 100% relief from Piles & its symptoms.

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Before You Go

Piles Miles Away can cure the piles only if you maintain the other aspects of the treatment. Ayurvedic treatment is always a holistic approach to the body, mind, and soul. Only consumption of medicine does not help. Focus on a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle as well.

Final Words

So, it was all about Earthomaya Piles Miles Away. Consume it as per mention on the product label or click here to know the consumption process. Ensure you follow the ideal diet and lifestyle to ensure the best result. Indeed, your pain, discomfort, and uneasiness will go away. Wish you a happy and healthy life ahead!

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