Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

How Aloevera ghee is different from other Aloevera products in market?

95% of Aloevera products in the market doesn’t have anthraquinone glycosides (Aloin A, Aloin B, Aloe-Emodin, etc) content which is a main active ingredient of Aloevera For example, juice only contains Aloevera gel and gel is 98.5% water, and the remaining gel is mainly sterilized and processes at a high temperature which sometimes destroys the active ingredients of Aloevera gel.

Why & How we are infusing Aloevera in Ghee?

We use ghee as a carrier, as per Ayurveda when ghee is used as a carrier it enhances the nutritive effect of herbs and it directly affects the tissue of the body due to an increase in bioavailability of ghee. Desi Cow A2 Ghee is infused with whole Aloevera leaflet (including green part and gel) by an innovative process which is developed from 2 years of intensive research on how to unsheathe the whole Aloevera’ s active ingredient and properties in ghee.

Is it good to eat ghee on empty stomach? / Some of the benefits of starting the day with ghee ?
Drinking ghee in the morning on an empty stomach gave you fabulous benefits as ghee retreat the tissue of the body(each & every cell of your body) which means ghee heals the cell in the body. In short, it gives rebirth to all the cells which helps
– Youthfulness
– Physical Strength
– Good health
– Bring Energy
– Increase in good cholesterol

Is it OK to eat Aloevera ghee every day?

Yes, It is okay to eat 1 or 1/2 teaspoon of aloe vera ghee daily. Make sure that you don’t have high cholesterol and high blood pressure, in such cases you can eat it half spoon empty stomach in the morning. If there is no issue in consuming 1/2 spoon slowly take it to 1 spoon for best results.

Why we are using the Bilona method?

This process takes 3 to 4 days because ghee is extracted by hands churning bilona method which give the purest and authentic taste of Ghee along with numerous health benefits. According to this method, ghee is made from curd instead of malai (milk cream).

How Earthomaya A2 Desi Cow Ghee different from other ghee ?

  • Ghee is of A2 milk of Indian bread Rathi cow
  • We prepared ghee by hand churn method and the whole process takes 3 to 4 days.
  • It is costly than the ghee prepared with the Commercial method where companies use machines and chemicals to prepare ghee. 30 KG of Curd is used to make just 900gm of ghee plus manual labor. Which makes the Ghee price a little expensive than the other ghee available in the market.

Does A2 Cow Ghee help in losing Weight?

Desi Cow Ghee is rich in short- and medium-chain fatty acids which help in losing weight.

As per research – Desi Ghee is rich in omega 3 fats (DHA) and omega 6 (CLA), it can be great for weight loss. Omega 6 fats have been shown to increase lean body mass while reducing fat mass. Experts have also found that ghee helps in mobilizing fat cells to be burnt for energy.

Ghee is packed with essential amino acids that can shrink the size of fat cells. Adding ghee can be beneficial if your body accumulates fat quickly. Also, omega 3 fatty acid in ghee can help you lose inches and ultimately help you shed those extra kilos.

Why we are calling it A2 Ghee?

This ghee is made of desi cow breed which gives A2 beta-casein (protein) milk. There are only some native Indian breed cows that have A2 beta-casein in their milk. Rathi cow is one of them.

Which ghee is better liquid or solid?
Both ghee is the same it totally depends on temperature. Both are good to eat

Do you have to refrigerate ghee?

No! we can store ghee easily at room temperature. Just keep in mind to use a clean and dry spoon to take out ghee from the jar.

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