Here Are the Seven Best Ways to Put Ghee on Your Eyes

How has Eye Health become a concern in Modern Times?

With the significant increase in screen time in our lives, eye care has never been more crucial with issues such as dry eyes, eye strain, redness, itching, and impaired vision. Clearly, our eyes have been the biggest losers in this situation. Here this articles explains how ghee for eyes is beneficial. 

Unhealthy Habits Causing Diverse Eye Issues

Using a smartphone excessively, rubbing the eyes frequently, not drinking enough water, smoking, not wearing sunglasses, not getting enough sleep, and not eating eye-friendly foods are some unhealthy habits that lead to impaired vision and eye damage.

Is Pure Cow Ghee Beneficial To The Eyes?

You must know that pure cow ghee contains Vitamin A and is renowned for its extraordinary lubricating properties. It is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help maintain optimal eye health by treating vision issues.

Are You Wondering How Ghee Can Be Used for the Eyes?

Ghee is primarily considered a kitchen ingredient. Few individuals know the extraordinary benefits of the pure cow ghee recipe for eye health.

Why are our eyes so important?

The eye is a remarkable organ in the human body. They are the gateway through which our brain interprets objects, shapes, and colors and helps us anticipate danger. We should never take our eyes for granted and always be mindful of their health.

What Does Ayurveda Say About the Benefits of Ghee for Eye Health?

According to Ayurveda, the eyes are a pitta (hot) organ that becomes aggravated by unhealthy habits, external factors, and extreme heat. Ayurveda recommends “Netra-Tarpana,” or eye bath, as the best eye treatment for naturally enhancing eye health.

How does Netra-Tarpana benefit our eyes?

The eye is nourished and strengthened by the Netra-tarpan procedure, which also treats eye diseases. It aids in restoring the muscles’ original strength. It revitalizes the eyes and their surrounding tissues. It is a highly effective treatment for a variety of eye disorders.

What is the Netra-Tarpana Eye Procedure?

A frame of flour dough is placed around the eye to prevent Ghee from passing through.

The dough frame is filled with pure, warm cow ghee at room temperature, and the patient is instructed to blink their eyes for two to three minutes.

Netra-Tarpana is not performed on cloudy, extremely hot, or cold days. An Ayurveda expert should administer this treatment.

How to Use Ghee for Our Eyes as a Home Remedy.

Improve your vision by combining Pure Ghee with black pepper

Regular use of pure cow ghee for eyesight is highly recommended for individuals with poor vision. Mix daily a few drops of pure desi ghee with black pepper powder. It will produce a magical effect.

Rub Ghee into Your Feet

Pure Ghee applied to the soles of the feet can improve vision. Regular application of Ghee has health benefits. Pure cow ghee is a rich source of Vitamin A, which improves one’s overall health and eye health when consumed regularly.

Combine Ghee and honey

Combining Triphala with pure cow ghee and honey to treat the eyes improves vision. A 2:1 mixture of Ghee and honey should be used for this purpose.

Reduces the severity of dry eye syndrome

Pure cow ghee’s hydrating properties keep lacrimal glands in the eye active and reduce dry eye syndrome.

Reduce fatigue’s effect

The cooling effect of Ghee maintains eye health and reduces the fatigue caused by long work hours.

Massaging Ghee into the eyelids

It eliminates wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes when a small amount of pure cow ghee is massaged onto clean eyelids, under the eyes, and all surrounding areas. It also encourages the growth of new skin cells.

Reducing Eye Dark Circles

In conjunction with antioxidants, the Ghee’s fatty acids and vitamins aid in the prevention and reduction of dark circles and under-eye bags.


A spoonful of Ghee in your food works wonders; it not only enhances the flavor of food but is also beneficial to your health. The use of high-quality pure cow ghee is highly recommended for cooking and eye care. The ghee remedy is not an instantaneous process. Results may take some time to manifest.

Rather than spending thousands of rupees on expensive eye care products, invest in premium, high-quality pure cow ghee to achieve total health.

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