5 Tips To Lose Weight After Pregnancy – Postpartum Weight Loss!

Firstly, congratulations on your little bundle of joy! Are you one of those new moms who keep thinking, “How can I ensure that my baby gets the nutrients she needs to be healthy and happy while also losing pregnancy weight?” If yes, you are at the correct place. Losing weight after giving birth is every new mom’s wish, and it’s completely natural to have mixed emotions about postpartum changes. This article focuses on some tips to follow to lose pregnancy weight, irrespective of whether it’s normal or c-section delivery. Always remember, weight loss is part of the process, so patience is the key & don’t overstress yourself!

To Begin With, Be Patient!

Being patient is the most crucial step in weight loss post childbirth. Don’t pressure yourself. Your body has recently undergone some significant changes, so take it slow. It’s best to give your body the time it needs to recover, even though you’re probably very eager to wear your skinny jeans again. Be reasonable with your expectations for losing weight since it took nine months to gain it. Keep following the below guidelines & enjoy this beautiful journey with your little one!

Tips to Lose Weight After Pregnancy


Not to mention that breastfeeding creates a special bond between you and your child, apart from helping you lose weight and burn calories. Your body must put in a lot of energy and work hard to produce the milk daily, so it has to burn calories. Always remember that nursing actually burns calories. So, if you nurse on demand throughout the day, you will burn even more calories. Mothers who are breastfeeding exclusively burn between 250 and 500 calories per day just from nursing! This number may be higher depending on the mother’s weight and how frequently she breastfeeds.

Healthy Diet

Since you are already burning a lot of calories through breastfeeding, you need to ensure you get enough calories through a healthy diet. Therefore, eating well will ensure that you’re getting the right kind of calories. Apart from fruits, vegetables, proteins, etc., you can add these two products to your diet to help your postpartum weight loss.

A2 Desi Cow Ghee

Many medical professionals highly recommend ghee for postpartum mothers because it has many incredible advantages. Weight loss is one of the many reasons why ghee is frequently mentioned as the best food for new mothers and their babies’ postpartum nutrition.

Wait, what? Ghee? A Fat Product? How could a fat product reduce the fat from the body? Let us clear that!

Ghee contains butyric acid, a fatty acid produced by the breakdown of dietary fibre by the beneficial bacteria in your gut. We know that we need to eliminate our bowls effectively if we want to lose weight. So, here butyric acid helps relieve constipation (the most common issue that postpartum mothers deal with), heals the intestine and feeds the healthy bacteria in your gut. Moreover, our body’s ability to digest food is strengthened by ghee. Click Here to learn more about how ghee helps in the recovery of postpartum mothers.


Due to its high nutrient content, wheatgrass helps many people feel full more quickly and for longer, leading them to lose weight. It helps to increase metabolism, gives you energy, and encourages weight loss. Because wheatgrass juice is so effective at increasing energy levels, it can support weight loss by giving you the stamina to increase your exercise routine.

Moreover, Because the foetus ate up a large portion of the mother’s stored B12 during pregnancy, breastfeeding mothers require more vitamin B12 than other people. B-complex vitamins are among the nutrients in wheatgrass, so it’s an excellent choice to consume post-pregnancy. Although many mothers have claimed that they consumed wheatgrass during breastfeeding, we recommend you to inquire with your doctor whether wheatgrass is suitable for you while nursing.

Cutting Down Sugar – Use Stevia Instead

According to NCBI, sugar consumption may negatively impact a baby’s cognitive development. This is one of the reasons it is advised for breastfeeding mothers to avoid beverages with added sugar. And that is where stevia comes to a rescue. Stevia is viewed as a “healthier” substitute for sugar, which is also considered safe (in moderation) during breastfeeding and helps you in your postpartum weight loss journey. This being said, it is ok to consume stevia, but you must watch out that it doesn’t replace the nutrient-rich foods you require during this time.

Walking & Gentle Exercises

One of the best exercises you can do after a C-section is walking & is one of the easier way to lose weight after pregnancy. Even being a very simple and easy exercise, it still raises your heart rate and circulates your blood. You can always take your child in a stroller. Due to the weight of the stroller, this will help your body burn even more calories without putting too much stress on your body.

Moreover, once you are sure you are safe to exercise, it’s best, to begin with, gentle yoga/exercises. In terms of postpartum fitness, slow and steady always wins the race. Stretching, in addition to walking, is a fantastic simple exercise because it can remove any scar tissue that causes an abdominal pouch. Here are 5 Exercises to Help with Your C-Section Recovery.


Did you know that sleep is the secret to losing weight after giving birth? How? Everything changes when a baby is born, so it is unlikely that a single factor can fully explain how to return to your pre-pregnancy weight and shape, but sleep deprivation may be one of them.

According to one research in the US, “Significant weight retention at one year is linked to sleep deprivation between six months and one year after delivery. The reason might be getting too little sleep, resulting in a greater release of hormones that increase appetite and hunger.” Hence, to prevent postpartum obesity, one should achieve the ideal amount of maternal sleep.


The reason why your body puts on those extra kilos during pregnancy is to nourish your baby. When the baby is no longer inside, your body will work naturally to get rid of that extra fat, but you need to be patient as it might take a few months to see the results. Even though it seems like a very long time to lose weight after pregnancy, if you keep yourself busy and concentrate on your baby, the months will pass quickly. So, enjoy & don’t let the stress of losing weight take a toll on your mental health!

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