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Piles Miles Away is a complete natural remedy to cure piles. It is the most effective method used today to treat painful hemorrhoids. Consisting of powerful herbs, it is the best cure to completely treat all stages of piles. It heals broken nerves and shrinks lumps and also reduces swelling, pain, itching.

Piles Miles Away is ​​an effective and long lasting formula that guarantees fast results. It shows satisfactory results in treating all symptoms of piles.

Heals the body from within:

  • It is necessary to repair the existing internally broken veins in order to stop the bleeding and prolapse of piles.
  • Preventing new veins from breaking by treating the problem of constipation.
  • Increasing the self-healing power of the body.

Heals the body from the outside:

  • Regulating proper blood circulation around the affected area.
  • Preventing dryness and abrasion.

Benefits of Piles Miles Away

  • Relieves itching in the anus
  • Relieves rectal pain
  • Stops bleeding
  • Regulates defecation
  • Heals broken veins

Read more about the benefits of piles miles away in Various types of Piles.

How to Consume?

It is to be consumed with Banana which is yet another effective cure to treat piles. Read the label carefully to know its correct consumption with Banana.

There is no side effect for it. It is purely handmade and natural product. Can easily consumed for long time.

We believe in not just providing symptomatic relief, but also in addressing the underlying cause and providing long-term benefits. The ingredients used to root out both internal and external hemorrhoids are all-natural and effective.

Frequently Asked Question on A2 Desi Cow Ghee

We are listing commonly asked question from our customer but there might be few question which are unattended. For more query pls visit our contact us page.

Black Pepper in Piles?

Because black pepper has analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities, it is an effective natural hemorrhoid treatment. Consume buttermilk combined with salt and little amount of black pepper for best results. Additionally, the mixture of black pepper powder and cumin seed powder is excellent for treating piles. Spices such as red and black pepper may stimulate the anus as they travel through since they are ejected without being digested. As a result, it is advised to use fewer peppercorns and to avoid using them if you have severe pains in your anal area.

Can Soframycin be Used for Piles?

Soframycin cream is ineffective for piles because it treats bacterial infections. Piles is a disorder that causes swelling and inflammation in the anal area, as well as lumps and tears, and is not caused by a bacterial infection. As a result, it is not advised and is preferable to seek other treatment for piles.

Can We Drink Alcohol in Piles?

Because alcohol is a diuretic, it causes the body to become dehydrated by increasing urine production. Dehydration promotes constipation and hard stools, which causes pain and worsens piles. In any case, alcohol is bad for persons who have haemorrhoids since it directly impacts bowel motions. Excessive alcohol consumption has been linked to the development of haemorrhoids and the worsening of symptoms.

Buttermilk Benefits for Piles?

Buttermilk contains probiotics, which help to enrich gut microbes and improve digestive health. If consumed daily, it helps control your bowel motions & reduce constipation which is a primary cause of piles. Furthermore, it aids in the treatment of piles due to its ability to provide immediate relief from acidity and indigestion.

Is Green Tea Harmful for Piles?

Green tea can help you minimise hemorrhoid symptoms by softening your stools, lowering inflammation, and reducing irritation and other skin problems associated with haemorrhoids. One of the most common concerns associated with haemorrhoids is straining during bowel movements. Drinking green tea on a daily basis will cause you to strain less. Green tea bags can be applied directly to the affected area to relieve pain and inflammation.

Is Isabgol Good for Piles?

Isabgol consumption is useful for piles since it bulks up the stool and prevents constipation. It also reduces inflammation in piles due to its anti-inflammatory qualities. Isabgol contains insoluble fibre, which softens and expands the faeces, facilitating gastrointestinal movement. For a few weeks, mix two tablespoons of Isabgol into a glass of warm milk and drink it before bed.

Is MosambI Juice Good for Piles?

Drinking mosambi juice twice daily will help you treat and cure constipation by purifying the digestive tract or gastrointestinal tract. You can get rid of both constipation and piles since it contains acids that aid in the removal of toxins from the digestive tracts and provide quick relief. Those who suffer from indigestion or constipation could add Mosambi juice to their diet because it helps regulate bowel movement and metabolism.

Can I Eat Egg in Piles?

Yes, but only in moderation. Eggs are high in protein, essential vitamins and minerals, and healthy fats that promote digestion. Although eggs do not provide many benefits for piles, they do not have any adverse side effects when consumed in piles because they are a source of fat, and eating fats is beneficial to haemorrhoids. Furthermore, it relieves constipation and promotes easy stools, reducing strain during bowel movements, which benefits haemorrhoids.

Can I eat Curd in Piles?

Curd contains probiotics, which help to enhance gut microorganisms and promote digestive health. Including Curd in your regular diet may boost your immunity and digestive health, alleviating piles symptoms. However, Curd in the form of buttermilk helps soften the stool. Because it is in liquid form, drinking it enhances our fluid intake while also promoting a healthy digestive system and allowing us to pass stools without or with much less discomfort.

Is Duck Egg Good for Piles?

Many studies claim that consuming duck eggs can heal haemorrhoids patients. To some extent, duck egg relieves piles symptoms. You can incorporate it into the diet. Duck eggs are particularly beneficial in treating ailments by improving blood circulation in the body. The suppressed blood flow in the rectal area will normalise, allowing haemorrhoids to be cured or healed.

Can we Eat Maggi in Piles?

Since Maggi is considered as Junk food & packaged food, is is not good choice to eat during piles. Furthermore, the person with piles should avoid eating foods produced with all-purpose flour (or maida) because it can induce a variety of ailments, including constipation. Fried, salty, and spicy foods aggravate haemorrhoids and make them more painful.

Lemon in Piles?

Lemon is another effective home remedy for piles due to its antioxidant content. To decrease pain and inflammation, apply lemon juice directly to the irritated area or drink it with honey and ginger. This remedy strengthens the walls of the blood vessels, preventing piles.

Is Milk Good for Piles?

Milk and dairy products contain significantly less fibre, and consuming them can cause constipation or worsen the condition. Dairy products do not induce constipation on their own, but they do contribute to the discomfort of constipation during hemorrhoid breakouts. Dairy also produces gas, which can aggravate pain and cramps if you are already constipated. However, it is also recognised that milk products generally do not worsen piles. To relieve constipation, you may consume it with ghee added to the milk for a smooth bowel moment in the morning.

Is Milk & Lemon Good for Piles?

If you have internal bleeding piles, consider drinking hot milk and lemon juice thrice daily. Take one regular-sized lemon. Bring the glass of milk close to your mouth, squeeze the lemon into it, and drink it right away. Take it three days in a row, first thing in the morning to cure piles effectively.

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  1. Parth Desai

    Best ayurvedic medicine for piles. I tried much medicines but this is the best must buy. It’s being month now I am perfectly fine.

    + PROS: Result in 5 days Course is of 10 days
    - CONS: No side effect, purely ayurvedic
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  2. Waheguru Pal S

    It works for me.

    + PROS: good product ayurvedic
    - CONS: No
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  3. Neha Verma

    The best medicine I found for piles. I tried many but nothing works for me

    + PROS: Result in 5 days No side effect
    - CONS: no
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  4. Prem Parkash Upadhyay

    मै पाइल्स से परेशान था। पिछले दो सालो से मैंने कई तरीके की मेडिसिन खाई पर कोई फयदा नहीं मिला। मुझे पाइल्स माइल्स के बारे में मेरे दोस्त से पता चला। मैंने उसके कहने पर इसे इस्तमाल किया। मुझे आज 15 दिन हो गए है। मै अब बिकुल ठीक हु । सुक्रिया अदा करता हु आपका दिल से । धन्यवाद

    + PROS: Achha h ye product
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  5. Mahendra Singh

    It really works for me. I was suffering from the last 2 years. Thanks to Earthomaya.

    + PROS: Well Guided
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  6. Ankit Arora

    I was suffering from bleeding piles for the last 8 months. I tried a lot of medicine and it worked well but my problem was after 15-20 days, piles reoccur so finally I thought all medicines are the same and I gave try to different-2 medicine, tried few homeopathic medicines but all results the same. Finally, I get to know about Earthomaya Pile Miles Away and it works wonders for me. It’s been 1 month from now – NO MORE SUFFERING. I am happy and satisfy

    + PROS: Worth Buying
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  7. Prithvi Parkash

    I used it one month back and it worked for me. Worth Buying

    + PROS: Good Product
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  8. Pankaj Paryag

    Useful product. I am perfect now after 10 days course

    + PROS: Ayurvedic medicine No need of surgery
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  9. Parmesh Rawal

    This product is very effective but one should keep in mind that at the time of 10 days course one needs to eat light weight food. Non-veg and junk food are strictly not allowed. In the first 10 days of course, I had non-veg on the 4th day and after finishing the course I blame Earthomaya that piles miles away is working but after discussion, I started eating a light diet, and now I am excellent. Thanks alot.

    + PROS: A Genuine Product.
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  10. Renu Makhija

    I used this product when I was 3 months pregnant. This was my first pregnancy and I was suffering from bad constipation which leads to piles. I was very nervous because I already having for medicine for my pregnancy. I trust this medicine and took this and this really works. I called them and take guidance they are calmly listening and answering me. After 10 days of use, I never have piles again. I come today after having my 3 months baby boy and to recommend my friend so I thought to leave a comment so that It helps other.

    + PROS: Help in pregnant piles work in 10 days
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  11. Priyank Gupta

    Taste of the product is oaky but the most important thing is this product saves my money and time. On first use, it works and I am in no more pain. I come here to buy another product of the Earthomaya brand so thought to left a comment so that it helps others. Must buy guy and trust it works.

    + PROS: satisfied Must buy guy and trust it works.
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  12. Jitendra Jindal

    GUY YOU MUST TRY! It works for my 10 year old piles for sure it will work for you as well

    + PROS: Worth buying!
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  13. Pankaj Mahajan

    I bought 2 boxes of Piles Miles Away after consultation and now I am completely free from Piles. Earlier I tried many treatments but nothing works I am happy to use it and today I come to buy it for my friend

    + PROS: Must Try Worth Buying
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