Hey, Weight Watcher! Read This Before You Use Stevia for Weight Loss!

Maintaining good health and physical fitness is crucial. However, our busy schedule and chaotic lifestyle prevent us from doing so. And in the end, obesity is the consequence. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that over 40% of individuals are overweight. Unknowingly & Unfortunately, sugar is primarily responsible for weight gain. Obesity is the outcome of overeating, which raises the chance of developing heart issues, type 2 diabetes, and cancer, among other health concerns. However, the good news here is that you now have an option to consume your favorite sweet foods without the sugar calories. Yes, we are talking about Stevia Drops for your weight loss journey. Let’s know a bit about Stevia.

About Stevia

Stevia’s appeal as a plant-based and calorie-free sugar substitute has increased over time. Because of these characteristics, many people like to use it in their cuisine. Additionally, it has no or very few carbohydrates; therefore, it does not cause an increase in blood sugar levels. Due to these factors, Stevia is gaining popularity among diabetics and those attempting to control their weight. Check out our previous article on how Stevia drops helps in diabetes here.

Stevia has been used commercially to sweeten forty percent of food goods. The zero-calorie sweetener has a glycemic index of 0 and does not cause an increase in blood sugar levels. Stevia is natural and does not include the artificial sweeteners sucralose or aspartame. Earthomaya stevia drops are one of the most reliable stevia products since it is grown, produced, and packaged by the same firm. There is no process being outsourced. So, are you just beginning your journey to lose weight? Here is a sustainable method that will be of great assistance. Adopt this all-natural sweetener and get moving!

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How Stevia Drops Help In Weight Loss?

Gaining weight is relatively simple, but losing weight requires a great effort. The most important thing you will need is a healthy diet with no sugar or calories. However, those with a sweet craving find it extremely difficult to forgo sugar. Therefore, Stevia has several benefits for weight management. Although artificial sweeteners have been regarded as viable replacements for sugar, some individuals are concerned that Stevia may be associated with abdominal obesity. Let us clear that too by showing some facts!

Low in Calories

There are various potential causes of obesity and weight increase. Stevia is an artificial sweetener. Stevia, which is sugar-free and contains significantly few calories, aids in lowering energy consumption without compromising flavor. Additionally, it is low in calories and carbohydrates, the two factors associated with an increased risk of abdominal obesity. It may aid weight loss when taken to replace sugar consumption.

As a sugar substitute with zero calories, stevia sweeteners can assist reduce or replacing calories in meals and beverages and provide options with low or no calories for individuals seeking to lose or maintain weight. Consuming stevia-sweetened beverages and meals as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, which includes regular physical exercise, can aid in weight management and weight loss.

In overweight persons, there is evidence that drinks sweetened with Stevia can aid in weight reduction. Higgins and Mattes discovered, in 12-week research, that individuals who consumed the stevia beverage lost considerably more weight than those who consumed the sucrose beverage. Refer their research here.

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In addition, studies indicate that 30 minutes after consuming stevia-containing beverages, hunger and the urge to eat are reduced compared to water.

No Need to Sacrifice Flavor

Stevia offers a natural approach to reducing calories without sacrificing flavor for those attempting to control their weight. Simply replacing 25g (approximately six teaspoons) of nutritive sweeteners in foods and beverages can result in a decrease of 100 calories. Despite their insignificance, these little adjustments regularly add up over time.

Not only did Stevia have the same flavor, but it also provided the same sense of fullness. Stevia has an appetite-suppressing hormone, which reduces sugar cravings and ultimately aids in weight loss. Moreover, Stevia-containing foods may have a minor influence on body weight, body mass index (BMI), waist circumference, and total calorie intake over the long term, without promoting excessive eating later in the day.

Myths Associated with Weight Loss & Stevia

You may have read horror stories about sugar substitutes on the Internet. Certain sweeteners, such as saccharin and others, are harmful to one’s health. But Stevia is superior for weight management and fitness.

Stevia is an excellent weight loss aid since it has no calories. According to a number of studies, those who regularly consume sugar-free beverages acquire more weight over time than those who do not. It is because people overeat as they believe they are “saving” calories for later use. This has no relation to synthetic sweaters. When comparing sugar with Stevia, 28 grams of sugar has 50 calories, whereas Stevia has 0 calories per 28 grams. If you substitute sugar with Stevia, you will lose weight effortlessly and keep it off.

Sugar, especially sugar-sweetened drinks, is linked to a poor diet, increased caloric intake, and obesity. By substituting added sugar with a zero-calorie sweetener like Stevia, you might assist your weight reduction objectives by reducing your caloric intake.

In a study comparing Stevia, sugar, and water consumption, researchers discovered that consuming a stevia-sweetened beverage before a meal can lower hunger and overall energy intake more than consuming a sugar-sweetened beverage or water. However, it is essential to remember that Stevia alone is not a weight reduction panacea. It is an essential component of a healthier lifestyle. It is not Stevia that assists in weight reduction, but rather the absence of sugar’s extra calories.

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Cautionary Word from Earthomaya

Some stevia formulations include sugar alcohol. People sensitive to sugar alcohol may develop bloating, stomach cramps, nausea, and diarrhea, but erythritol (one type of sugar alcohol) poses a lower risk of symptoms than other sugar alcohols. As long as Stevia is thoroughly refined and used in moderation, it is safe to ingest.

A healthy lifestyle includes proper food, exercise, adequate rest, and more. The decisions you make alongside your stevia use determine whether you gain or lose weight. Calorie-free diets are the most successful for weight loss. In addition to substituting soda with stevia-sweetened beverages, you need to put significant effort like exercise & healthy lifestyle for weight loss. Without a doubt, Earthomaya stevia drops are the ideal sugar substitute.

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