Earthomaya | Aloevera Ghee | Curing Vitiligo/Leucoderma/KODH/Sveta Kushtha/Fulveri

Here is another review from our customer. Mr. Sunil Arora from Rajasthan. He is a teacher in a recognized government college. He lives life with great simplicity. Listen to him in his own words…… “I was affected by Vitiligo/Leucoderma/KODH/Sveta Kushtha/Fulveri for the last 18 to 20 years and it starts from the fingertips and slowly covered my full skin and hair. I took many consultants and treatments but nothing worked for me. I underwent allopathic medication & steroids as well.” We are very thankful to our patrons who reach out to us and share their valuable feedback. For sure there are many more, please come forward and be a part of the Earthomaya Family. Presenting to you a series of unscripted experiences about Earthomaya Aloevera Ghee, shot by our customers.

Little Master Daksh || Age- 6 yrs || Stronger Bones & Immunity Booster

By his Mother: Daksh is using Earthomaya Aloevera Ghee for few months. I am happy to add Aloevera Ghee to his diet and I observe changes in him. His leg pain vanishes which was due to excessive playing time. It boosts immunity and supports him in many different ways. Thanks to Earthomaya??

Seema Bhandari (Delhi)|| Relief in fatigue and nervous ending issue

Thank you for sparing time to share with us this amazing review. Seema resides in South West Delhi and is a working woman having more than 20 years of experience in the Secretarial profession. She manages her family including in-laws & parents and supports them as needed. She tries to live through what life has to offer in the best possible manner. She is quite transparent and speaks from her heart. Seema has shared with us her real & unscripted experience about Earthomaya Aloevera Ghee.

Radha| Rajasthan |Relief from Knee Pain

Look what Radha Wadhnani has to share about the Earthomaya Aloevera Ghee. Radha Wadhnani is from Rajasthan, she is a housewife & has strong ethics. She is a strong woman with cheerful nature. She effortlessly shares her problem with us about how she was suffering from knee pain for the last 10 to 12 years and consulted with many doctors but nothing has helped her. Sometimes she had to take painkillers to rescue herself from severe pain but the effect of medicine remains for short period with many side effects like Nausea, Drowsiness, Weakened immune system, Slowed Breathing. After using Aloevera ghee she gets relief within a month, now she can easily roam around and do her household work easily. We are very grateful to our customers for their continuous support.

Anamika (Mumbai) || A2 Cow Ghee

By profession, I am a web designer and working in US-based company. I am a health enthusiast and believe in organic products. I get to know about this product by ad and I just gave it a try, and it really works. I feel more energetic throughout the day and strong immune. I am living a healthy life and want to live like this. #happy #healthy

Kaushalya Meghwani || Get relief from cervical pain

Using Earthomaya Aloevera Ghee for the last 2to3 months. In very few days I got relief in cervical pain and knee pain. Earlier I used to face difficulty in carrying bulking weight and climbing stairs. Now I am free from medicine, pain killers. I can walk and climb stairs without any difficulty. This is like a miraculous boon for me. Very much thank you for bringing this. Quoted by her: CONSISTENCY, BELIEVE & PATIENCE is what needed, and this is the absolute truth.

Mr. Arvind Kumar – Pharmacist || Hair Regrowth

Being in the medical world for more than 20 years, he still believes in the Ayurveda principle. Ayurveda places ghee at top of the list because of its unique ability to penetrate into cells & cross the brain-blood barrier, Ayurveda considers ghee to be a highly effective medium for transporting the healing nature of herbs very deep into our body tissues. Listen to him in his own words.

Dhanwanti || Relief from shoulder & knees pain

Hi, Myself Dhanwanti, I belong from Jaipur for the last couple of years, I am having joints pain majorly in the shoulder & knees due to my body weight. After having Earthomaya Aloevera Ghee daily empty stomach in the morning 1-2 teaspoon my pain get vanished and I feel light and can work the whole day without taking a break. . I Suggest to all and if we take ghee in the right way and the right amount it helps in my different way even also burn fat.

Bhawar Lal || Relief from Acidity Issue

Due to my smoking habit, I am facing gas or acidity issues almost on daily basis and I daily have a capsule for this but now thanks to Earthomaya Aloevera ghee. I ate it empty stomach daily in the morning and within 4-5 days I got 70-80% relief in my problems. I quit medicine. Good Luck! Those who can quit bad habits first.

Shankar lal Kaushik, Age- 64, Rajasthan || Health Issue – Asthma

After having Earthomaya Aloevera Ghee after three days black mucus comes out from my mouth and I feel relief in my lungs and easy to breathing. I used to carry a bundle of medicine in my pocket now I am free of it. Thanks to Earthomaya

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