Thick Ghee From Curd

Know about how to make ghee or clarified butter. Here is the best way to make ghee from curd.

How To Make Curd Churned Bilona Ghee

The Bilona process is divided into five steps that are all linked together ---->

Sanskar 1 – Boiling

The first Sanskar in the bilona process of making Ghee is to boil the Milk.

Sanskar 2 – Curdling

After boiling the milk, a tablespoon of existing curd or any other natural sour ingredient, such as a few drops of lemon juice or tamarind, is added, and the mixture rests in a warm area overnight.

Sanskar 3 – Churning

The curd is churned using a wooden churner known as a bilona to produce fermented butter (makkhan).

Sanskar 4 – Separating

When we churn buttermilk for some more time, the makkhan separates from the buttermilk, leaving fermented butter (makkhan) floating on top.

Sanskar 5 – Heating

The Makkhan/Loni is then placed in a stainless steel pot and heated over medium-high heat. After the butter has reached a gentle boil, it is left to continue to cook on a low flame.

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