Does banana cause constipation? does it lead to piles/hemorrhoids/bawaseer?

Bananas, as a healthy snack, may be more nutritious than items with the same number of calories and may serve as a healthy alternative to sugary treats.

When bananas are highly ripe, yellow, and eaten in moderation, they help with constipation. When bananas are ripe, this carbohydrate acts as a moderate natural laxative, encouraging natural digestion and preventing constipation

What foods contribute to the formation of piles?

1. Foods low in fiber can induce or exacerbate constipation (and so hemorrhoids), so it's better to eat them in moderation. 2. Bagels and white bread 3.Dairy products include milk, cheese, and other dairy products. Meat. 4. Frozen meals and quick food are examples of processed foods.

benefits of piles miles away

how to take it

1. Without Peeling one banana and make a tiny cut/incision along the length/vertically of it. 2. Fill one pouch with the mixture and cut with a spoon. 3. Store it overnight in a Pure "Kansa" vessel. 4.To keep houseflies away, cover the dish with a towel. 5. First thing in the morning, eat that banana.