Baby Eczema is a Common Problem. 


Nowadays eczema is most common in babies. A parent needs to give special care to them as the baby's skin 

What Is Eczema?

It can appear on your child's skin as crusty, half-cracked areas, particularly in the very first couple of months. Dermatitis rash shows up on the cheeks, temple, or scalp in youngsters under the age of one year.

Cause of Eczema

Flare-ups are from skin contact with soap, hair shampoo, pollen or various other annoying compounds. About 30% of babies have food allergic reactions.

            ways How A2 Cow Ghee Helps in Baby Eczema?

1. Pure A2 cow ghee can aid relax aggravated areas on a baby's skin.

2. Ghee will certainly hydrate and smooth the rough and also irritated skin, stopping additional splitting.

3. More infection, swelling, and also the progression of Dermatitis can be properly handled thanks to its antifungal, antibacterial, and also anti-virus qualities.

4. The anti-inflammatory buildings of Earthomaya A2 cow ghee will certainly aid with dermatitis therapy.

5. Ghee is a completely safe as well as highly reliable therapy for numerous skin conditions in kids.