Best pure A2 desi cow ghee in Bangalore 2022

What Is Organic A2 Cow Ghee?

A2 cow ghee is grainy in texture and is made by heating butter on low flame for a long duration.

Which breed of Desi cow is favoured among Bangalore residents?

Because of the A2 protein present in the milk of native Indian breed cows like Gir and Sahiwal, Bangalore residents preferred desi cows.

How Come People In Bangalore Prefer Organic A2 Ghee?

1.It is very healthy and abundant in pure antioxidants. 2.High in digestive-helping amino acids.

3.Contains minerals that strengthen the immune system as well as vitamins A and E.  4.A2 Protein aids in the formation of HDLs, which remove cholesterol from the bloodstream to lower cholesterol levels.

Bangalore's Top Pure & Organic A2 Ghee Brands 2022

1. Earthomaya – Pure A2 Desi Cow Ghee

2.Kapiva A2 desi Ghee

3.Two brothers A2 ghee

4.Barosi - A2 Desi Cow Ghee


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