A1 Milk VS A2 Milk : Which is Best for Health?

What is Difference A1 Milk & A2 Milk?

A1 milk is produced by cows of Western ancestry, such as Holstein, Jersey, etc., The milk produced by cows of Indian descent, such as Gir, Rathi, etc., is known as A2 milk.

1. Organic and dietary 2. Increases intelligence and immunity 3. Easily and Quickly Digestible

Benefits of A2 Milk

4. Exceptional mineral and beta-carotene source 5. Maintain vitality, strength, and energy 6. Strength of protein, calcium, and omega3

Side Effects of A1 Milk

1. Heart Disease  2. Autism 3. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome 4. Digestion-related Issue 5. Diabetes 6. Risky for Pregnant Women

Earthomaya pure Desi Ghee Cow Ghee made from A2 milk from Rajasthan native Rathi Cows with mostly found in arid region of Bikaner, Shree Ganganagar districts of Rajasthan. 

Ghee From A2 milk

About Rathi Cow 

The backbone of the Rathi cow is humped. The Surya Ketu Nadi, a particular vein in the hump, is responsible for absorbing the sun's and moon's cosmic energy. The sun's rays cause her blood to generate golden salts, which are then present in the products she makes, giving them their golden hue.