About A2 Dairy Ghee

A2 dairy ghee is a high-fat and high-energy food. It is a great source of energy that can help you stay energized throughout the day.

A2 Ghee Benefits

1.Enhances digestion & absorption 2. Increases immunity (ojas)   3.Good for heart health  4.Improves brain function  5.Bone health  6.Vital nutrition for kids  7.Heals & moisturises the skin

The high level of Omega-3 fatty acids present in this ghee is said to be beneficial for cardiovascular health.

Is A2 ghee good for weight loss?

Desi Cow A2 Ghee in moderate quantity will help in weight loss. One of the major reasons being its high Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acid Content that helps you stay fit and healthy.

Is A2 milk good for weight loss?

Another reason why people choose A2 cow milk is that it is believed to aid weight loss.


It's clear almond milk is the winner when it comes to the least calories and those looking for weight loss. This is because it is made from ground almonds and water, with research showing that it contains around 14% almonds only, with the rest water

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