How To Make Desi Ghee At Home From Malai Without Curd 

STEP 1.  Collecting the Malai - keep collecting malai form milk for at least 8-9 days. 

2. Churning Process - Add 2-3 tablespoon cool water in malai for churn. After 8-10 minutes of churning, butter bubbles floating on the top & being separated form the liquid part. Separate buttermilk & makhan 

3. Cooking the Ghee - Place the extracted butter fat (makhan) in a deep utensil on low heat and let it melt. 

4. When the butter fat starts melting, bubbles will start to appear on the top. Stir the mixture properly. 

5. Boil the ghee on high heat for 3-4 min. Cool It. Now, filter the ghee from the dark brown milk granules in clean container. 

Ghee from curd is much better than the ghee from malai – one most important factor is ghee from bilona method is high nutrition value.