Desi Ghee Vs Coconut Oil 

What A2 Desi Cow Ghee Contains? 

Saturated fats, protein, calcium, fat-soluble vitamins, & minerals are all included in ghee.

What is Coconut Oil Contains? 

Saturated fats & vitamin K are the major ingredients in coconut oil. 

Benefits of Ghee

1. A healthy source of fats is ghee. 2. It improves digestion 3. It increases immunity

4. It helps to decrease cholesterol. 5. Skin care benefits of ghee

Benefits of Coconut Oil

1. Coconut oil's lauric acid renders it fungus- & microbe-resistant. 2. This helps with weight loss by boosting metabolism.

3. Due to its fat content, coconut oil is beneficial for hair health. 4. It also helps the skin & lubricates the skin naturally.

Why Ghee Rather Than Coconut Oil? 

1. Ghee contains less saturated fat. 2. Ghee has a Higher Smoke Point. 3. Ghee Contains More Essential Vitamins.

4. Ghee Contains Butyric Acid. 5. Ghee has a Heavenly Buttery Flavour.