Amazing Ways To Use Ghee For Dark Circle

What Causes Your Dark Circles? 

1. Thyroid  2. Genetic variables  3. Tension & fatigue  4. Insufficient iron  5. Poor sleeping habits & insomnia 

6. Dehydration & inadequate water intake 7. Reduced fatty tissues around the eyes  8. Sunlight that is intense enough to cause tanning and sunburn 

How Does Ghee Help to Minimize Dark Circles? 

Dark circles & under-eye bags can be prevented & reduced thanks to the fatty acids, vitamins, & antioxidants included in ghee. 

Best Ways To Use Ghee For Dark Circles 

1. Direct application of ghee  Direct application of a tiny amount of ghee will hydrate the area & lighten the shade under the eyes. 

2. Desi Ghee with Gram Flour 

Ghee, turmeric, gramme flour, & lemon juice are all combined in a bowl. Apply a paste-based mask for 15 to 20 minutes. Use water to wash away the material. 

3. Desi Ghee with Honey 

Add some honey & ghee together. Apply it to your face for fifteen minutes as a mask. After that, cleanse. 

4. Ghee with Sandalwood oil & Turmeric 

Ghee is a fantastic treatment for dark circles because of its antioxidant capabilities, anti-bacterial effects from Sandalwood oil & Turmeric, & influence on germs. 

5. Milk, Masoor dal & Desi Ghee 

Add ghee to the milk & dal. Scrub your face for 10 minutes after applying the paste. Next, wash it away. 

6. Ghee with Turmeric & Beeswax 

Mix 3 tsp of ghee with 1 tsp each of turmeric powder & 1 tsp of melted beeswax. Allow to dry in a jar. Before going to bed, moisturise your dark circles with it. 

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