Health Benefits of Ghee Butter 

What is Ghee Butter? 

Ghee is a form of clarified butter that has undergone a low-temperature heating process to get rid of the milk particles.

Benefits of Ghee Butter 

1. Immune Booster 

More important vitamins & other minerals that strengthen our immunity are present in ghee.

2. Benefits for Bones 

Vitamin K2 is included in ghee and helps the body transfer calcium. 

3. Treating Inflammation 

It has butyric acid & omega fatty acids, both of which reduce inflammation & edoema in the stomach.

4. Benefits for Skin 

Omega fatty acids and vitamins found in ghee are excellent for the skin. 

5. Benefits for Weight Loss 

Our metabolism is boosted by ghee, which is ideal for weight loss when combined with the ketogenic diet. 

6. Heart Health 

Ghee is regarded as a beneficial choice for lowering heart-related illnesses. 

Dry skin and lips can also be moisturised with ghee.

7. Benefits for antiaging properties

The Vitamin A & E in Ghee also conditions hair.

8. Benefits For Hair Growth

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