Applying Ghee On Belly Button 

How to Apply Ghee on Belly Button? 

To melt the ghee, heat it. Give it time to cool. Pour it into your navel while on your back. Every night before bed, applying ghee on the navel. 

Why is desi ghee applied to the navel? 

Applying desi ghee to the navel confers a wealth of health advantages and vigor, according to Ayurveda, which compares ghee to Ojas or life force. 

Importance of Applying Ghee on Belly Button 

1. Energy Exchange 

72,000 nerve fibres or energy pathways throughout the body are connected by the navel.

2. Seat of Learning 

One gains a deeper understanding of their entire body by concentrating on their navel, also known as the solar plexus, which is where cosmic & solar energy enters the body. 

3. Survival Network for the Unborn 

Through the umbilical chord, the mother gives the newborn the essential nutrients. To the infant's navel, the umbilical cord is fastened. 

4. Clinical Importance 

The navel has long been used in acupuncture & acupressure to heal illness. Ayurveda uses Nabhi Chikitsa, or belly button lubrication, to treat the body. 

5. Traditional Combative Sports 

The navel is important in martial arts because it generates energy & awareness of an opponent's moves while the body is moving. 

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