Benefits of Applying Ghee In Nose

Why is Using The Nasal Route To Apply Ghee? 

1. Ghee helps thin mucus by irrigating the nasal passageway. 

2. The Ghee, when inserted into the nostrils, initially travels to the brain, eyes, and hearing, clearing the way for ideal operation. 

3. Nasal congestion and blockage are relieved by ghee. 

Ghee Nasya Therapy Treatment 

1. In the morning or at night, put 2-3 drops of ghee in your nose 30 minutes before breakfast. 

2. You can apply ghee while sitting or lying down. 

3. Nasya therapy is the name given to this procedure.

Benefits of Ghee In Nose 

1. Ghee is used to alleviate vertigo, migraines, Insomnia and anxiousness. 

2. In addition to treating ear infections, vertigo, labyrinthitis, tinnitus, and otitis media, Nyasa is useful for balance issues. 

3. Ghee is useful at treating paralysis and cerebral thrombosis

4. Two drops can help with stress relief and mood boosting.

5. Desi ghee is good at removing unneeded pollutants from nasal passages. 

6. Ghee also manages irritability and rage, calming the person down rapidly. 

7. Ghee enhances brain function and encourages optimistic thinking. 

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