The term "postpartum" refers to the period following childbirth. Within a few days of giving birth, most mothers experience the "baby blues," or a sense of sadness or emptiness.

What is the difference between the three stages of postpartum?

You'll go through 3 stages of postpartum bleeding:

1) The initial 2) Acute 3) 8-10 hrs before childbirth

Postpartum depression

During and after pregnancy, your body and mind undergo several changes. Reach out for help if you feel empty, emotionless, or unhappy for more than two weeks during or after pregnancy.

What are the best postpartum foods?

1. Vegetables, including leafy greens, bell peppers, broccoli, avocados, carrots, kale, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, celery, cabbage and carrots. 2. Oranges & other citrus fruits

3. Whole grains 4. Lean or low-fat protein 5. Low-fat or fat-free dairy 6. Iodine 7. Choline 8. Omega-3 fatty acids

Dietitians and doctors now consider A2 cow ghee to be a superfood that should be consumed post delivery.