Common Stomach Related Issue & Food which can Cure

1. Gas 2. Acidity 3. Constipation 4. Irritable bowel syndrome. 5. Food allergies  6. Lactose intolerance. 7. Food poisoning 8. Stomach virus.

Main Reason of Stomach Pain

Gas and Acidity  is the common issue now a days which lead severe headache  Read more in next page


Gas pain may be worse, sign and symptoms are:

1. It may lead to headache 2. Migraine Issue 3. Frequent Burps 4. Frequent Gas Pass 5. Pain, cramps, or a knotted feeling in your abdomen. 6. Prolonged abdominal pain 7. Chest pain

Best Remedies for treatment stomach Pain

1. Drink Warm Water 2. Peppermint 3. Clove 4. Apple cider vinegar. 5. Bicarbonate of soda. 6. Activated Charcoal tablet 7. Ayurvedic medicine - Stomach Relief Powder

Try Stomach Relief Powder for Quick relief from Gas and Other Stomach Related Issue. 

Benefits are: – Acidity issue – Gas issue – Stomach Pain – Digestive Issue – Diarrhoea – Stomach Cramps – Discomfort – Bloating – Bad Burps – Relieve Heartburn

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