Benefits Of Ghee In Your Eyes

What is the Netra-Tarpana Eye Procedure? 

The patient is urged to blink their eyes for two to three minutes while the dough frame is filled with pure, room-temperature cow ghee. 

How does Netra-Tarpana benefit our eyes? 

The Netra-tarpan treatment, which also heals eye problems, nourishes and fortifies the eye. 

Ghee for Our Eyes as a Home Remedy 

1. Improve your vision  

Every day, combine a few drops of black pepper powder with pure desi ghee. It'll have a wonderful result.

2. Rub Ghee into Your Feet 

Applying pure ghee to the soles of the feet might enhance vision. Ghee has health advantages when used frequently. 

3. Combine Ghee & honey 

Vision is improved when triphala is used to treat the eyes along with pure cow ghee and honey. 

4. Reduces the severity of dry eye syndrome 

The moisturising qualities of pure cow ghee keep the lacrimal glands in the eyes functioning and lessen dry eye condition. 

5. Reduce fatigue’s effect 

Ghee's cooling properties keep eyes healthy and lessen the fatigue brought on by hard workdays. 

6. Massaging Ghee into the eyelids 

A small amount of pure cow ghee is massaged onto clean eyelids, under the eyes, & all surrounding areas. 

7. Reducing Eye Dark Circles 

Fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants in ghee work together to prevent and treat dark circles and under-eye bags. 

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