Anxiety is a normal emotion & MOST COMMON

In today's life anxiety is increased to the age group 15 to 60+. Earlier it generally starts after collage life 

Now it is most common in collage life

Reasons Are:

There are no specific things behind it. It totally depends on the Lifestyle 

Reasons Are:

1. Difficult Experiences in Life. 2. Long run illness 3. LIFESTYLE


1. Using Social Media 2. Trying to maintain a high living Standard 3. Show OFF 4. Competition 5. Race for being different from others or to be in the top 6. Comparison 7.  Less Outdoor Games 8. Quitting Relationships

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Now come to ways,  How can I calm my anxiety?


1. EAT Light and less spicy food. Good to prefer homemade food 2. Balance your life. Give time to your body and mind 3. Yoga, meditation, or exercise - Choose at least one  4. If at peek of stress - divert your mind to other work - best is traveling, listening to music 5. Trekking - Must in life to learn and make new friends

Take Help of Ayurveda Medicine and therapy to calm yourself