How Earthomaya Aloe Vera Ghee Helps Maintain A Work-Life Balance.

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I, being a woman, knows very well that even if I ask my mother to share her workload or ask for help, she won’t. This is what Indian Lady is! Despite progress toward gender equality in the workplace in recent decades, Indian women (Not sure about other countries) continue to carry a higher burden when it comes to managing work-life balance. She thinks she can do everything on her own, compromising her health.

If I talk about myself, I never took care of my wellbeing while working at an organization and managing my home all on my own. And this is not uncommon. This is happening in various households, even today. Juggling a successful profession with pleasant family life has never been easy for women. It still isn’t, as a full-time working woman comes with a lot of guilt and stress about not balancing work and family life.

This being said, it is the 21st century where women from all walks of life choose to have it all; a happy family, a fulfilling career, and some alone time to recharge their batteries.

Usually, we women forget that maintaining proper health for proper contribution to workload is the most crucial part of our lives. We have to be the perfect professional, perfect mother, wife and daughter, and this is possible only if we maintain work-life balance and take care of our health.

What Is Work-Life Balance?

Work-life balance simply means prioritizing your personal and professional activities so that you get the best of both worlds. In essence, it is a phrase used to describe how an individual balances work time with their interests, family, and social or leisure activities.

  • For a working woman, it is the distribution of time between personal and professional commitments.
  • And for a housewife or a stay-at-home parent, work-life balance is the perfect balance between time allotted for household work and time assigned for activities for her own needs.

Why Is Work-life Balance Important For A Homemaker?

Maintaining a work-life balance is about separating your personal and professional lives (in the case of a housewife, her family life and household duties) without allowing one to infringe on the other. Family life is equally important to household duties. The following are the 7 primary reasons why a work-life balance is necessary:

  • Work-Life Balance means less stress, a healthy mind & better physical & mental health.
  • Maintaining a healthy work-life balance improves your relationships.
  • A Healthy Lifestyle Improves Engagement in your chores.
  • Having a good work-life balance keeps you more effective & productive.
  • Achieving True Balance Leads to Happiness and Fulfillment.
  • Work-Life Balance Leads to Greater Success.
  • Above all, work-life balance promotes creativity.

What Should You Do To Maintain A Work-Life Balance?

Your struggle to balance work and family life are endless, so how do you manage it? You should never forget that ”HEALTH MATTERS”. So, all you need to do is; Manage Your Own Health First.

  • Make time for some type of regular exercise to work off the tensions of ordinary life.
  • Consume nutritious meals that provide your body with appropriate nutrients.
  • Meditation, praying, getting a wonderful massage or mani-pedi, doing yoga, or taking a stroll during your lunch break are all excellent methods to de-stress and refill your energy.

Find a few methods that work for you and put them into practice on a regular basis. It will help to relax your mind and spirit. If you are mentally and physically tired, then it would be impossible to do all of the above. So first of all, take care of your health.

And, here we have something exciting for you which will not only take care of your health but give you more energy to work on yourself and enjoy your ME-time. Keep reading to check this excellent product below.

About Earthomaya

Earthomaya, based at Hanumangarh District in Rajasthan, is India’s first producer of Aloe Vera Ghee. Earthomaya offers the best quality products to their consumers implementing the latest technologies with Ayurvedic procedures. Their belief in supernatural powers on Earth leads them to create this innovative product with excellent health benefits. Let’s know more about this incredible product named Earthomaya Aloe Vera Ghee.

Earthomaya Aloe Vera Ghee

Aloe Vera Ghee from Earthomaya contains two main ingredients; A2 Desi Cow Ghee and Aloe Vera (Gel & Leaflet). Both of these ingredients are infused following Ayurvedic practices. According to Ayurveda, Aloe Vera and A2 cow ghee give our health several gifts and hence, these two ingredients are combined to make an excellent beneficial product. You can read about the benefits of the Earthomaya Aloe Vera Ghee here, and this article focuses on how it will help you maintain a work-life balance.

Aloe Vera Ghee For Stress-Free Work & Life

Works Wonder For Skin

Not to mention, but we women love to maintain our skin at every age. So, Aloe vera ghee can help with everything from acne to avoiding premature ageing. It is water-dense; thus it hydrates the skin from the inside out. Plus, it is suitable for all skin types.

16 Fatty acids are present in aloe vera ghee. The most important is Arachidic acid for skin which is responsible for long elastic moisture and having the properties like shea butter and coco butter so it works superb for dry skin.

Aloe vera ghee is high in antioxidants, which slow the spread of infection-causing microorganisms. Aloe vera ghee has also been demonstrated in preliminary testing to help prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

Reduces Fatigue

The primary issue in our life is exhaustion. Indulging in late nights household chores and stress foods, which are often the result of not properly caring for oneself, can have a negative impact on both the body and the psyche. Sleep deprivation and a lack of necessary nutrients can have a bad influence on your health and energy. In such cases, taking Aloe vera ghee is recommended.

Menstruating women, in particular, require to maintain their energy levels despite the loss of iron. Consuming Aloe vera ghee in the morning saves them from having to consume large meals every time they need to refuel their batteries, allowing them to retain their health.

Boosts Energy Levels

Since Aloe Vera Ghee contains healthy omega fatty acids, it helps in the improvement of metabolism, which is one of the most important ayurvedic benefits. This will boost your energy levels and improve your mood. When you have a good mood, you will be able to get more productive in your daily chores. And most importantly, you will feel energetic throughout the day. Aloe Vera Ghee is claimed to boost your energy levels by improving your body’s resistance to physical and mental stress. If you have a good energy level, you can easily maintain a work-life balance.

Helps In Anxiety

We women are born with this feature; Anxiety. Anxiety basically means stress, tension or uneasiness. Women are nearly twice as likely as males to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. And there could be various reasons; not being able to complete the work on time or to manage a house with work, not being able to take care of kids well or family, etc.

It is essential to cure this anxiety disorder before it becomes hard to control and affects your day-to-day life. And aloe vera ghee claims to have amazing benefits to such people who have an anxiety disorder. People who were given aloe vera ghee had considerable reductions in stress and anxiety. You can check this customer testimonial here.

Boosts Immunity

We neglect to focus on what we eat and how it affects our health in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If a person’s immune system is strong, they are healthy. Maintaining a work-life balance is not that difficult if we start following the practices that our ancestors followed. Generations before us have dutifully taken care of themselves by including small items in their daily diets, such as a warm glass of milk, jaggery, herbs, and spices. Aloe Vera ghee is one of these foods that is proven to improve immunity, and in light of the current worldwide pandemic, higher immunity is a must.

Maintains Our Digestive Health

To stay active throughout the day, you need a healthy gut and a strong immune system. Butyrate is abundant in aloe vera ghee. It’s beneficial for boosting immunity and maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Moreover, It contains Butyric acid, which is necessary for the intestinal walls, as it reduces the chances of inflammation. Butyric acid is helpful for strengthening immunity, according to a Japanese study. Butyric acid is a short-chain fatty acid produced by the good bacteria in your gut when dietary fibre is broken down. Its main health benefit is that it gives colon cells energy.

Words From Author

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s essential to provide extra nutritional support, and the best way to do so is to include a high-quality Aloe Vera ghee in your daily routine, as your regular diet may be lacking in crucial nutrients needed for overall health. Aloe Vera Ghee has been specifically created to meet the nutritional needs of everyone, including us, homemakers!

Aloe Vera ghee is one of the most beneficial products. It contains essential fatty acids and amino acids to sustain our hectic lifestyle. It can be an ideal product for women who desire such a product that contains all important nutrients, boosts immunity, promotes healthy & beautiful skin. Apart from these, check these other tips to manage your work-life balance.

This post is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi)

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